The Bad and Worst Cooks in the World

by Jo

"Brian this is a surprise," Eric answered his cell phone. He was curious; since he and Sonny had changed their relationship Brian had been a bit leery of him.
"This is an emergency," Brian replied panic evident in his voice, "My Top and your Bra ummm Sub have locked themselves into the kitchen to make dinner." Adam can't even make toast without the fire brigade coming out."

Eric has a very clear flashback to S onny's exploits in the kitchen. The visit to the emergency ward for stitches when he cut himself whilst slicing lemons for the drinks during a party was uppermost. Eric had spanked him thoroughly, and banned him from using knifes without direct supervision. There was a reason they usually ate out.

"Adam still can't cook?" Eric started to pull on a coat and locking his office behind him. He held the phone away from his ear as Brian laughed.

"He can burn water," Brian said between giggles, the then sobered down "I can smell smoke," he said anxiously, "Adam just told Sonny to run cold water over his hand just now. I've tried to talk my way in but it didn't work."

Adam broke some speed l imits and arrived 5 minutes later. Brian was pacing the corridor outside the kitchen, "Thank God," he said relief evidence in his voice, "It's gone suspiciously quiet in there." Eric tried the door and found it was locked.

"Sonny," Eric ordered dominance entering his voice in his voice, "Open this door now."

A voice from inside said "I'd rather not Master," came a tremulous voice from inside.

"Are you disobeying me Sub?" Even Brian shivered at that tone.

"No Master," Sonny's voice broke and both men outside the kitchen heard the lock being disengaged. A waft of black smoke came out as t he door opened. Brian looked around and his smile was forced, "Hey Eric," he said, "Sonny and I wanted to surprise you with a nice pork roast." Brian rushed over to the oven and pulled out a very black object.

"What was this?" he asked curiously after examining it closely.

"The roast," Adam admitted, "the recipe book said it needed a high oven to ensure good crackling."

"We didn't read the bit that said after 20-30 minutes it needed to be turned right down," Sonny admitted in a small voice, shrinking under Eric's gaze. "I didn't use a knife," he blurted out, "Even when Brian said I could. I did use a peeler and Brian cut up the potatoes." Eri c mutely looked in the baking dish and saw some small lumps charred beyond easy recognition. "I got burned when I put them in the baking dish," Sonny admitted. Brian reached under the sink and removed a large tube of antiseptic cream.

"Good for burns," he said handing the bottle to Eric, and shooting a look at Adam who blushed. "I've got an idea, once you've doctored Sonny, let's all get dressed up and go to The Bantry*. Adam will pay. I know you've both got suits in the spare closet from our last holiday together. The dry cleaners managed to get the glue off them." He unconsciously run his hand over his bottom, as Sonny did the same that escapade had been legendry.

They had a great time at The Bantry. Sonny was determined to enjoy himself, and Brian was happy to help him. A few raised eyebrows from Adam and Eric kept things within bounds. They parted ways with Adam pouring a rather tipsy Brian into the car (white wine always affected Brian like that). It got serious when Eric and Sonny got home.

"Strip," was all Eric said as soon as the front door closed. Sonny hurried to obey being careful to hang up his suit not just drop it on the floor. He turned to face his Dom, head lowered waiting for judgment. "Go get the strap," Eric ordered. Sonny opened his mouth then closed it. The strap was never used for fun; it was always a punishment implement. He retrieved it and handed it to his Dom.

"Why are you getting this strapping?" Eric asked.

"For disobeying you Master," Sonny replied promptly.

"And?" Eric asked. Sonny looked puzzled. Eric turned over Sonny's hand showing the burn "For harming my property," he growled in Sonny's ear. "Present yourself for punishment," came the next order. Sonny draped himself over the arm of the easy chair his butt pushed up perfectly positioned for the strap. Eric paused to admire the butt which already had three fading welts on it. A sign of ownership from the play party a week ago.

Eric laid the first stroke of the belt across the middle of Sonny's bottom. His sub just groaned softly. He was always allowed to cry out during a punishment. The second stroke landed higher and Sonny just hissed. When the third stroke landed in the crease between the leg and bottom he cried out. He didn't stay silent as Eric slowly and methodically turned his bottom to a blazing red colour.

Sonny was bitterly regretting his behaviour long before Eric had finished. He was sobbing his eyes out and didn't calm down for a quite a while. His butt felt like someone had lit a fire on it and not in a good way. Eric put up with it for a while then feeling that Sonny was being slightly over dramatic put him into silence. That took all of Sonny's submissive training to achieve but he managed it much to his surprise. Eric had not doubted it for a minute.

Sonny knew he was forgiven when Eric took him to bed that night and fucked him through the mattress.

*The Bantry does exist - The Bantry
~ Jo