Pool Party-Kiwi Style

For the Tea Room's challenge.
Adam and Brian.
Warning- Kiwi slang and all mistakes are mine.

"It's the middle of winter," Brian's voice rose in protest, as he surveyed the
invitation they'd just received on facebook. "How the hell can anybody throw a
pool party when it's less than 13 degrees outside?"

Adam rolled his eyes sometimes his Brat could be so melodramatic. "Easy," he
replied, running his hand through Brian's shaggy locks. "The pool is inside and

"Know-it-all," Brian grumbled, his eyes closing in bliss. He grinned up at his
Top, "So I guess we'd better get up, and see if we can find some new togs." The
two men were in bed, having taken one look out of the window and decided all
plans were off.

Adam firmly closed the laptop on Brian's fingers. "Hey that hurt," the younger
man's protest was cut off as Adam kissed him. It was lucky the laptop has
somewhere soft to land, as the two men forgot about everything except each
other, for the rest of the day.