Written by: Jo
Characters: Adam & Brian and Eric & Sonny

“Hurry up will you,” Brian fretted. “You're so slow.”

“Calm down little boy,” Adam said calmly, “It's not as though the beach will run away.”

“Christmas and it's 30 degrees,” Brian grinned, “I don't understand why some people cook a full Christmas dinner with plum pudding and all,” he wrinkled his nose at Adam. “Just like your family the last three years,” he said. “I'm go glad this year we're having a Barbie at the beach with Eric and Sonny.”

Christmas day had started early in the household. Adam had been woken by an enthusiastic Brat at 6am and had firmly stated that he was not getting up that early, when they had gone to bed after 1am after going to the midnight service at the local church.

“Grinch,” Brian had muttered, only to yelp after Adam swatted him. Brian settled down, he knew Adam was grouchy when short on sleep. Despite thinking he would never go to sleep again, Brian had to be shaken awake by Adam who had got up and made breakfast.

“Fresh coffee and toast,” Brian said, he looked up “Is the kitchen still intact,” he teased Adam.

“Cheeky Brat,” Adam retorted “I'm not sure you deserve any presents this year.”

“I've been good,” Brian protested “Most of the time. Hell I've had to be, I'm a working person now.” He grimaced, it had been a hard transition for him and he still had fond dreams of when he'd been a carefree student. “At least I don't start back at work until January,” he said cheerfully “One of the few advantages of working for the Government. I'm not even on call. Let's take this down to the tree,” Brian said, as he bounced out of bed almost knocking his coffee over. “It's time to open the presents.”

Adam laughed as he watched his Brat walk out of the room, stark naked. His eyes softened he knew his Brat didn't have great memories of Christmas when he was in care. Early on, Brian had firmly told Adam, that socks, underwear or any type of clothing was not what he considered to be an acceptable presents.

Adam caught up with Brian and tossed him a robe. Brian stopped dead and rubbed his cheek on the soft material. “New?” he questioned his blue eyes glowing.

Adam just grinned at him. “I saw you looking at it and feeling it on Saturday,” he explained “So I thought I'd give it to you on Christmas Day. I didn't wrap it I know how you feel about clothes as presents.” He was sad, he brought up the subject, when he saw Brian's eyes darken briefly.

Brian's eyes only lightened again when they went into the front room and saw the tree, lights blazing, with gaily wrapped presents underneath.

They had great fun opening the presents, Brian thrilled at the Ipod and Adam misty eyed over the custom piece of jewellery. A necklace with their initials intertwined, which Brian casually mentioned he designed as a tatoo. until Adam made his displeasure known about permanent marks, on his Brat. Brian still had a tendency to wince when he saw tatoo shows on tv.

The two men drove to the local beach and when there searched out Eric and Sonny. Brain and Sonny headed straight for the sea and started to horse around, splashing each other and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Adam and Eric watched smiling, it was always great for them to see their Brat's fooling around together.

It wasn't long before the two younger men came out of the water and demanded to be fed. The BBQ had just heated up and the steak and onion sandwiches were quickly made. Eric also put the turkey on to cook for later on. They planned to stay for the huge bonfire that was always lit on Christmas night and the fireworks.

“Why have they roped off that part of the beach?” Brian asked casually.

“Oh that's where they sand sculpture,” Sonny replied “You know Sandmen instead of Snowmen.” Brian groaned loudly at this piece of wit. He rolled over and looked at his brother.

“Remember when we were kids and made sandcastles” he said “What'd ya think about joining in. I reckon we could do an awesome sculpture.”

Sonny just looked at Brian and saw the twinkle in his eyes. He began to twinkle back and jumped up “Okay,” he replied, “let's show those losers how it's done.” Eric's head shot up and looked sternly at his Brat, who blushed. Sonny was very competitive and didn't like losing it was something he and Eric had an ongoing problem with. “Hey I remember the rules,” Sonny protested “It's just a bit of fun.”

"Plus $200 for first," Brian said quietly, as they walked over to a pile of wet sand. After a bit of arguing they decided to work on a knight in armour laid out on his bier. Looking around after about half an hour, Brian decided they had no chance of winning first place. Although their knight was good, there were obviously some very professional sculpters there. He whispered something into Sonny's ear. Sonny's grin was wicked, which Brian echoed.

If Adam and Eric had noticed those grins, they would have moved in immediately but they were pre-occupied basting the turkey. They turned quickly, along with the whole beach when they heard the scream, and saw one of the lady judges faint. Brian and Sonny were holding each other up, they were laughing so hard.

They stopped laughing, as they saw their Tops approaching. "Hi guys," Sonny said weakly as their Tops looked over their creation. The top half was perfectly normal a knight in simple armour with his eyes closed, it was the bottom half the two Tops couldn't believe. The knight was naked, and his arms instead of lying across his chest, were obviously masturbating a half erect penis.

"Brat," Adam whispered, into Brian's ear "You will apologise to the judges now." Brian shivered at the threat implicit in Adam's voice. He looked over at his partner in crime and saw Eric whispering into Sonny's ear as well.

The two men after being released by their Tops walked over to the judges and apologised for distressing them, the lady who had fainted in particular. They trailed back to their Tops.

"We've been banned for life from beach sculpting," Sonny said, kicking at the sand.

"That's the least of your problems," Eric growled, "Christmas Day or not I'm going to spank you for this stunt. I should just take you straight home."

"Same goes for you Brian," Adam's growl was a match to Eric's.

Adam and Eric looked around. The crowds were thinning out and the dinner crowd hadn't arrived yet. Almost at the same time they looked at the public toilets. Eric looked at Adam and lifted his eyebrows. Adam nodded, blushing slightly under his tan. This wouldn't be the first time he'd been involved in a spanking in a public toilet, only the last time he'd been the one getting the spanking. He'd been glad the toilets were pretty well soundproofed.

Eric and Sonny were first. Adam and a nervous Brian leant against the door casually guarding against interruption. Brian shuddered every time he heard Eric's hand land and Sonny yelp. Adam smiled grimly, it sounded as though Eric hadn't lost his touch. Then the sounds stopped, and there was a low voiced conversation between Eric and Sonny. The two men came out, Brian tried to catch Sonny’s tear reddened eyes, but his brother was snuggling close to his lover.

Adam pulled Brian into the toilets, and headed straight for the disabled toilet. "More room," Brian thought sourly. Adam sat on the toilet and Brian who rarely lost his sense of humour choked slightly.

"Do we need to discuss exactly why we're in here?" Adam asked.

"No sir," Brian replied, losing any desire to laugh. "It was only a joke," he protested.

"Not very funny," Adam replied, his voice stern.

"True." Brian sighed as he undid his shorts. He had nothing on underneath them. He laid himself over Brian's lap and tried to relax.

To Brian it felt like the spanking was never going to finish. Adam steadily set every spot on his butt on fire. He was sobbing deeply by the time Adam felt he'd been punished enough. "All over," Adam said and gently pulled his Brat's shorts back up. Brian clung to his Top and cried into his shoulder.

For the rest of the Christmas Day, two very sore Brats stuck very close to their Tops.

The End