Written by: Jo
Characters: Adam & Brian and Eric & Sonny

“Hurry up will you,” Brian fretted. “You're so slow.”

“Calm down little boy,” Adam said calmly, “It's not as though the beach will run away.”

“Christmas and it's 30 degrees,” Brian grinned, “I don't understand why some people cook a full Christmas dinner with plum pudding and all,” he wrinkled his nose at Adam. “Just like your family the last three years,” he said. “I'm go glad this year we're having a Barbie at the beach with Eric and Sonny.”

Christmas day had started early in the household. Adam had been woken by an enthusiastic Brat at 6am and had firmly stated that he was not getting up that early, when they had gone to bed after 1am after going to the midnight service at the local church.

“Grinch,” Brian had muttered, only to yelp after Adam swatted him. Brian settled down, he knew Adam was grouchy when short on sleep. Despite thinking he would never go to sleep again, Brian had to be shaken awake by Adam who had got up and made breakfast.

“Fresh coffee and toast,” Brian said, he looked up “Is the kitchen still intact,” he teased Adam.

“Cheeky Brat,” Adam retorted “I'm not sure you deserve any presents this year.”

“I've been good,” Brian protested “Most of the time. Hell I've had to be, I'm a working person now.” He grimaced, it had been a hard transition for him and he still had fond dreams of when he'd been a carefree student. “At least I don't start back at work until January,” he said cheerfully “One of the few advantages of working for the Government. I'm not even on call. Let's take this down to the tree,” Brian said, as he bounced out of bed almost knocking his coffee over. “It's time to open the presents.”

Adam laughed as he watched his Brat walk out of the room, stark naked. His eyes softened he knew his Brat didn't have great memories of Christmas when he was in care. Early on, Brian had firmly told Adam, that socks, underwear or any type of clothing was not what he considered to be an acceptable presents.

Adam caught up with Brian and tossed him a robe. Brian stopped dead and rubbed his cheek on the soft material. “New?” he questioned his blue eyes glowing.

Adam just grinned at him. “I saw you looking at it and feeling it on Saturday,” he explained “So I thought I'd give it to you on Christmas Day. I didn't wrap it I know how you feel about clothes as presents.” He was sad, he brought up the subject, when he saw Brian's eyes darken briefly.

Brian's eyes only lightened again when they went into the front room and saw the tree, lights blazing, with gaily wrapped presents underneath.

They had great fun opening the presents, Brian thrilled at the Ipod and Adam misty eyed over the custom piece of jewellery. A necklace with their initials intertwined, which Brian casually mentioned he designed as a tatoo. until Adam made his displeasure known about permanent marks, on his Brat. Brian still had a tendency to wince when he saw tatoo shows on tv.

The two men drove to the local beach and when there searched out Eric and Sonny. Brain and Sonny headed straight for the sea and started to horse around, splashing each other and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Adam and Eric watched smiling, it was always great for them to see their Brat's fooling around together.

It wasn't long before the two younger men came out of the water and demanded to be fed. The BBQ had just heated up and the steak and onion sandwiches were quickly made. Eric also put the turkey on to cook for later on. They planned to stay for the huge bonfire that was always lit on Christmas night and the fireworks.

“Why have they roped off that part of the beach?” Brian asked casually.

“Oh that's where they sand sculpture,” Sonny replied “You know Sandmen instead of Snowmen.” Brian groaned loudly at this piece of wit. He rolled over and looked at his brother.

“Remember when we were kids and made sandcastles” he said “What'd ya think about joining in. I reckon we could do an awesome sculpture.”

Sonny just looked at Brian and saw the twinkle in his eyes. He began to twinkle back and jumped up “Okay,” he replied, “let's show those losers how it's done.” Eric's head shot up and looked sternly at his Brat, who blushed. Sonny was very competitive and didn't like losing it was something he and Eric had an ongoing problem with. “Hey I remember the rules,” Sonny protested “It's just a bit of fun.”

"Plus $200 for first," Brian said quietly, as they walked over to a pile of wet sand. After a bit of arguing they decided to work on a knight in armour laid out on his bier. Looking around after about half an hour, Brian decided they had no chance of winning first place. Although their knight was good, there were obviously some very professional sculpters there. He whispered something into Sonny's ear. Sonny's grin was wicked, which Brian echoed.

If Adam and Eric had noticed those grins, they would have moved in immediately but they were pre-occupied basting the turkey. They turned quickly, along with the whole beach when they heard the scream, and saw one of the lady judges faint. Brian and Sonny were holding each other up, they were laughing so hard.

They stopped laughing, as they saw their Tops approaching. "Hi guys," Sonny said weakly as their Tops looked over their creation. The top half was perfectly normal a knight in simple armour with his eyes closed, it was the bottom half the two Tops couldn't believe. The knight was naked, and his arms instead of lying across his chest, were obviously masturbating a half erect penis.

"Brat," Adam whispered, into Brian's ear "You will apologise to the judges now." Brian shivered at the threat implicit in Adam's voice. He looked over at his partner in crime and saw Eric whispering into Sonny's ear as well.

The two men after being released by their Tops walked over to the judges and apologised for distressing them, the lady who had fainted in particular. They trailed back to their Tops.

"We've been banned for life from beach sculpting," Sonny said, kicking at the sand.

"That's the least of your problems," Eric growled, "Christmas Day or not I'm going to spank you for this stunt. I should just take you straight home."

"Same goes for you Brian," Adam's growl was a match to Eric's.

Adam and Eric looked around. The crowds were thinning out and the dinner crowd hadn't arrived yet. Almost at the same time they looked at the public toilets. Eric looked at Adam and lifted his eyebrows. Adam nodded, blushing slightly under his tan. This wouldn't be the first time he'd been involved in a spanking in a public toilet, only the last time he'd been the one getting the spanking. He'd been glad the toilets were pretty well soundproofed.

Eric and Sonny were first. Adam and a nervous Brian leant against the door casually guarding against interruption. Brian shuddered every time he heard Eric's hand land and Sonny yelp. Adam smiled grimly, it sounded as though Eric hadn't lost his touch. Then the sounds stopped, and there was a low voiced conversation between Eric and Sonny. The two men came out, Brian tried to catch Sonny’s tear reddened eyes, but his brother was snuggling close to his lover.

Adam pulled Brian into the toilets, and headed straight for the disabled toilet. "More room," Brian thought sourly. Adam sat on the toilet and Brian who rarely lost his sense of humour choked slightly.

"Do we need to discuss exactly why we're in here?" Adam asked.

"No sir," Brian replied, losing any desire to laugh. "It was only a joke," he protested.

"Not very funny," Adam replied, his voice stern.

"True." Brian sighed as he undid his shorts. He had nothing on underneath them. He laid himself over Brian's lap and tried to relax.

To Brian it felt like the spanking was never going to finish. Adam steadily set every spot on his butt on fire. He was sobbing deeply by the time Adam felt he'd been punished enough. "All over," Adam said and gently pulled his Brat's shorts back up. Brian clung to his Top and cried into his shoulder.

For the rest of the Christmas Day, two very sore Brats stuck very close to their Tops.

The End

Two Drabbles and a Snippet

The Bruise

Adam and Brian

Written by Jo.

My contrib to a LS challenge, although I believe it is somewhat left of centre.

"I've got a bruised butt and it's your fault," Brian glared at Adam.

Adam raised an eyebrow as he managed to hide a grin. "How is it my fault?" heasked, mildly.

"When Sonny said he was one short on his paintball team you should have forbidden me from participating. You're supposed to protect myself from myself."

"There was no way, I could anticipate that when you ducked down, your cute backside would still be sticking out," Adam pointed out, reasonably.

"It's not fair," Brian complained, "It means we can't play spanking games for at least a week until the bruise is healed."

Adam's grin was wicked. "I'm sure I can work around the bruise."

An hour later Adam rolled over and looked into his lover's sleepy eyes. "How's the bruise?" He asked with a grin.

"Bruise? What bruise?" Brian mumbled.

The End


Red Nose

Adam and Brian

Written by Jo

"Can you believe I was sent home to get an appropriate tie?" Brian's voice rose an octave. It was the first time he'd stopped to take a breath, in a five minute tirade when Adam had asked how his day went. "On my own time," Brian continued. "It's bloody Christmas what's wrong with a Rudolph flashing tie?"

Adam choked slightly "It may be what Rudolph's flashing, sweetheart. I know in the story he's got a red nose not a red butt."

The End



Brian and Eric

Written by Jo

Eric and Brian just looked at each other. Adam had gone out to get some bread and milk so they were alone in the house. "You're not my Top you know?” Brian was the first to speak. Eric just raised an eyebrow in question. “Don't do that,” Brian snapped “It's exactly what Adam does and it's fucking

“No I'm not your Top,” Eric said calmly “Because if I was you'd be over my knee using language
like that.”

Brian had the grace to look embarrassed.

“Neither am I Adam's Top any longer,” Eric continued “What I hope we are is friends.”

Brian looked surprised.

“Why are you surprised?” Eric was curious. “Is it so hard to imagine us being friends? You're
my best friend's partner and I do like you, you know?”

“Friends?” Brian grinned. “Yeah friends sounds great.”

It was at that moment Adam arrived home as he was puzzled but extremely pleased when he
saw Brian and Eric exchanging high fives.

The End

Royal Purple

OC's: Eric and Sonny

A tear ran down his face from the impossibly green eyes. He was sick of
the white wall he was staring at. He had wondered at the begining what
had happened to the feature wall of red he had planned back when he'd
moved in with his lover; his Top, who at the moment was at the big desk
writing something. He could hear the fountain pen as it moved across the
paper. He gulped as the noise stopped and he heard a drawer being opened. A second tear tracked down as he heard the deep voice.

"Sonny, would you like to explain why when I came home the kitchen had
suddenly turned pink? I thought your desire to be an interior decorator
finished when you painted a feature wall, of royal purple, in the living room."

The Discussion

By Jo

OC’s: Adam/Brian

“I got it. I got it,” Brian waltzed into the living room. “I got the programming job at Toll. I start Monday.”

“Congratulations honey,” Adam looked up smiling “I know you wanted that job.”

“And best of all it only a couple of blocks away from Archives so we can have lunch together most days.” Adam worked in the Government Archives helping to preserve rare books and documents.

“That's great, baby, I'll look forward to that.” Brian slipped into a hug, his head resting on Adam's chest with Adam's arms around him. “Honey I think we need to talk a little bit about where we go from here.”

Brian stiffened and tried to get away. “What do you mean where we go to from here?” he squeaked “We ain't going nowhere. Well I ain't and you better not.” Adam tightened his grip around his Brat.

“Stay still and listen to me. What I mean is that things have changed. You've finished University, you're moving into the work place so some of our rules have to be looked at. We also need to decide if we want to continue the discipline in our relationship.”

“That sucks,” Brian said, elbowing his lover in the ribs, causing him let go. He spun around and looked directly into Adam's watering eyes (the blow had not been light). “Why the hell would we change our relationship? I don't enjoy being punished but sometimes I go off the rails and need to be hauled back on. You do that for me. I'm an adult, I contribute, I'm not weak but I need you. Sure let's discuss new rules but I don't want to change one of the basic tenets of our relationship. You're my Top. I'm your Brat.”

“Brat,” Adam growled “Rule 1 is you do not elbow me in the ribs, or kick my shins, or throw a punch at me.” Brian looked at his Top in horror, as he realised what he'd done. He thought it was a bit unfair Adam brought up two incidents that had happened in their first year together. “But we'll deal with that later,” he said softly. “Obviously the rules about studying and timetables are no longer needed. I think the cellphone issue and time keeping rules are pretty much redundant nowadays.”

“I guess so,” Brian rolled his eyes “Although this job's start time is 8am so I'll have to start getting up early.”

“That won't hurt you,” Adam was totally unsympathetic “Since we're working so close, we can drive in together.”

“I have to wear a suit and tie.”

“Don't change the subject,” Adam was very well aware that Brian was trying to move away from an uncomfortable topic. “We sat down almost three years ago to decide on our rules, so we need to look at them again.”

“Alright. Alright,” Brian grumbled “Keep your hair on.”

“I'm sure one of the rules was mutual respect, which involved thinking before you speak,” Adam said dryly “That's one that's a keeper.” Brian nodded sheepishly.

“Don't tease Sonny,” Brian said.

“Don't tease or put down anybody,” Adam corrected “It's unnecessary and downright mean. It also demeans you in the eyes of others.”

“No fighting, no putting myself in danger,” Brian said absently rubbing his earlobe where a home made piercing had gone septic.

“Don't lie or keep secrets. That undermines our relationship. Also no running away.”

“Oh come on Adam I only ran the once,” Brian protested “And that's because I was really pissed off.”

“Once was enough. That rule stays, if only to make you think twice, if you ever think of it again,” Adam's voice held enough of the anguish of that event, that Brian moved over, and hugged him tightly.

“If anything else crops up due to you working we'll discuss it at the time,” Adam said after that's gone over all the rules. Brian nodded in agreement. “Now about rule number 1.”

“I was upset you can't punish me for being upset.”

“Who makes that decision?”

“You do.”

Adam firmly led his Brat into the study. “Do we need to discuss why you're going over my lap?”

“No, I elbowed you in the ribs and hurt you.”

The spanking that followed was brief but painful. Later on, still wrapped in Adam's arms, Brian sighed in happiness. His world might be changing but some things stayed exactly the same.

The Fight

By Jo

OC’s: Adam and Brian with Eric and Sonny

Adam was kicking back enjoying his quiet evening. His Brat was out celebrating Sonny's recent rise from apprentice to fully qualified mechanic . The phone rang.

“Adam McLeod speaking.”

“Adam, it's Brian, I'm in trouble,” the voice on the other end of the line was choked “I'm at E Street police station, I've been arrested.”

“Fuck,” sometimes Adam's language was not so pure. “I'll be right there baby, don't panic. I'm sure we'll be able to sort things out.”

“Sonny's here too. Can you ring Eric and tell him. Sonny's freaking out, he's got a record already.”

“I'll swing 'round and pick him up,” Adam replied. He was taking advantage of the cordless phone to find his keys and jacket. “I'm hanging up now, you sit tight and try to calm Sonny down.”

Adam speed dialed his best friend and when Eric answered briefly explained the situation.

The two Tops arrived at the police station and approached the front desk. “Sargent Anderson. I can't say it's a pleasure to meet you again,” Eric said. Adam stared , almost in horror, at the policeman manning the desk. It was the same man who'd seen him, come in wearing handcuffs, almost five years previously. He pulled himself together.

“I'm here to see Brian McFadden. I believe he was arrested tonight with his friend Sonny McMurray.”

“Not arrested,” the Sargent rumbled “They were involved in a fight, but we feel it was mainly self defence. Your two boys did seem to go out of their way to find one. The men arrested have been gay bashing down that end of town for at least 6 months.”

Eric and Adam looked at each other and sighed. A couple of days previously they'd been celebrating Brian's new job, and whilst discussing recent events, the gay bashing happening in town had been mentioned. Both younger men were incensed and openly declared something should be done about it. They'd had a couple of close friends hospitalised. The two Tops had categorically stated that it was the police's job and they better not hear that their Brats had anything to do with apprehending the offenders.

Brian and Sonny had got into a lot of fights when they were younger. It was there way of working out anger issues. A few were alcohol fueled, but they had sometimes gone looking for a fight. They'd usually find a fight by provoking men who were lurking around gay bars. It was a while since either of them had indulged themselves in this activity, they'd been too busy studying.

The two men were escorted to the front desk and both looked very subdued. Brian had a bruise on his cheek and Sonny, a rapidly blackening eye. The Sargent looked at the two Tops his eyes twinkling “These two just had a session with Captain Thompson,” he said. Adam winced he'd been dressed down by the same officer the last time he'd been arrested. The captain had a forceful way about him at times.

“Let's go home boys,” Eric's voice was even but Sonny winced anyway. He knew he was in trouble. Brian looked up apprehensively at Adam and melted at the look he received in return. They'd recently had a serious talk about whether they should renegotiate the rules of their partnership as Brian was moving into the work place.

Adam had pointed out that some of the rules would no longer be appropriate and maybe they needed to look at the whole arrangement. Brian had been distressed at the suggestion that they end the discipline part of their relationship. Adam had felt he had to give his young lover the option, after all going out to work was a huge change. They'd talked it through and decided that they would continue with the discipline within new guidelines. No matter whether it was before or after the renegotiation, fighting had always been against the rules.

They dropped Eric and Sonny at their house and then drove home in silence. “Corner,” was all Adam said as they walked in the front door. Brian rapidly did as he was told and placed himself in a corner nose touching the plaster. He was only put in a corner when Adam felt to angry to deal with him immediately. Adam never, ever punished in anger.

Hours later, 15 minutes real time, Brian heard Adam voice “Come here baby.” he turned around and fell into his lover's arms.

“I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.”

“I know baby believe me I know.” Adam tilted Brian's chin slightly so they looked each other in the eyes “I have one question. Did you go out tonight with the intention of hunting down those men?” Brian's eyes welled and he nodded his head knowing as he did so he had sealed his fate. Fighting was bad enough putting himself in danger was worse.

“It's time we went to the study,” Adam said quietly. Brian led the way still wearing his suit trousers and blue silk shirt, he always discarded the detested tie as soon as he could. He loved Fridays which was a casual day he could wear jeans and a soft collared shirt on that day. He was dreading tomorrow already, his programming job involved a lot of sitting down.

Adam reached into the desk draw and took out the paddle. Brian sighed, slightly in relief, he'd been dreading that the strap might come out. “Why don't you explain why we're here.” Brian winced he hated this part, it meant that he was in way deep and there was only one way it would finish.

“I went looking for a fight and found one,” Adam hid a smile, he could remember using exactly the same phrasing once to Eric. “And that means that not only did I fight which is against the rules but I also put myself in danger.” Brian didn't see Adam's smile he was intently looking at the floor wishing it would swallow him now. He didn't get his wish. He unbuttoned his suit trousers, lowered his boxers and placed himself over Adam's knees.

Adam started the spanking slowly, falling into a steady rhythm. This was not going to be a short spanking but he would be merciful. The prime sitting spot was included but not as much as normal. Once the bottom over his knee was starting to turn red, and the young man over his lap was sobbing, Adam picked up the paddle. Brian didn't protest he knew he would be wasting his time. He tried to relax his poor sore, hurting bottom. Adam fell into the same rhythm he had when
spanking. Brian cried out at each stroke. His bottom was almost glowing before Adam finished landing the last two on the prime sitting spot. He wanted Brian to remember this punishment every time he sat down the next day but not to make it impossible.

Adam was surprised Brian didn't do his normal squirm to end up in his arms. He just stood up and put on his boxers. “Where are you going.” Adam demanded.

“I'm an adult now,” Brian's voice was hoarse “I don't need to be held.”

Adam reached out and caught Brian pulling him into a hug. “You were always an adult. I have never treated you as a child. And before you say a word an OTK spanking or paddling is not childish.” That stopped Brian's protest before he could utter it. Brian relaxed into the hug, he'd almost forgotten that he'd never felt totally forgiven until he was held.

Adam felt the relaxation and smiled. His Brat may be older, their rules might be different but their basic relationship was still rock solid.

The Letter

By Jo

OC’s: Adam and Brian

Brian started sorting the mail.

"Adam. Adam. Next door. Adam. Me. Why the hell is the
University writing to me?" There was the sound of
paper tearing. "Oh shit, oh shit! What do they mean
I'm failing?"

"Did I hear the mail arrive?" The voice came from the
top of the stairs.

Brian hurriedly stuffed the incriminating letter into
his back pocket. "Yeah," he called back, "It's all
for you, except the one for old man Fogerty next door.
I'll take that 'round to him on my way to 'Varsity."

Adam came down the steps and took Brian's breath away.
Dressed only in jeans with the top button undone, he
could have walked into a male modeling agency and been
snapped up immediately.

Brian often wondered what Adam saw in him. He felt
like such a screw up sometimes. He'd been existing on
coffee and cigarettes when he first met Adam, his
tutor in History 101. He'd expected the course to be a
breeze. After all, he'd never had to study at school
and still got good marks. Could University be any

It was, he found out, a very different world. He'd
been attracted to Adam from the start and had felt the
attraction was mutual, but Adam did not make a move
until the end of the year when their professional
relationship had finished. He'd attempted to keep
Brian in line, he'd seen the potential in the younger man
and was continually frustrated by the sub-standard
work that was handed in.

Their relationship had moved very fast. They'd found
themselves in bed on the first date and within two
months had moved in together. It was then Adam put his
foot down over Brian's smoking and coffee diet. The
first spanking had been a shock to both of them, but
after sitting down, discussing it and researching on
the 'net they decided to give a DP lifestyle a chance.
Brian grimaced slightly. That was almost two years ago
now and this was the first time since then that he'd
had any trouble in his studies.

"Oh?" Adam raised his eyebrow, descending the stairs.
"I thought I heard an envelope being opened."

"Damn all Tops and their bloody hearing," Brian
thought to himself. Should he lie and get himself into
even more trouble or come clean now? He looked at
Adam, his eyes shining with innocence. "I don't know
what you heard, but all the mail was for you and I
don't open your mail."

Adam was not fooled. He knew his Brat. That innocent
look always meant trouble. His eyes narrowed. "Want
to try again?" he asked, his voice low and full of
"Oh shit," was all Brian thought. He decided to come
clean, as Adam obviously was not going to be
sidetracked. "Well..." How could he make this sound

"AletterwasformeandI'mfailingAmericanHistory." Brian
almost passed out from lack of oxygen at the end of
the sentence.

Adam luckily could translate brat panic speak. "Wait
a minute, how could you be failing history?" Adam
demanded "You've got a study schedule we set up at the
beginning of
the semester and I know you've been in the study every
night at the right times. If you haven't been
studying, what have you been doing?"

Brian blushed. Why did Tops always ask the most
uncomfortable questions? "Guildwars, the on-line role
paying game, is really addictive," Brian said
unwillingly "I'd be doing the research and writing and
then someone would ask for help in completing a quest
and it'd take longer than I thought. Then my study
time would be over and I'd come out and be with you."
He ended with a plaintive air, hoping this would get
him some brownie points. He glanced up and Adam's eyes
were as hard as steel.

"So let's get this straight: Instead of studying, you
played an on-line game and therefore are putting your
future in jeopardy." Adam's voice was as cold as ice
and Brian shivered. "Tell me, Brian, are you in
trouble in any of your other classes?"

Brian almost groaned aloud. What was Adam, a

Adam saw the expression on Brian's face. "Let's take
this to the study," he said, snagging a t-shirt to
put on as Brian led the way.

Adam and Brian made their way to the study and Adam
was proud of the way he resisting swatting his Brat to
hurry him up. When they finally arrived, Adam went
straight to the desk, opened up the top drawer and
took out the paddle.

Brian's lower lip trembled ever so slightly. "I'm
sorry. I'm really sorry," he said.

"I know you are, baby." Adam's voice was soft. "But
we've discussed this before. I thought the message
had been received, but it's obvious that it needs to
be reinforced. However, before we get to the paddling,
there are other things that need to be sorted." Adam
held out his hand.

Brian looked at him for a moment and then reached into
his back pocket and handed the university's letter to
his lover. Adam read the letter and breathed a sigh of
relief. It was what he expected, having studied and
tutored under this professor.

"Well, there is some good news," Adam said. "Professor
Oliver will let you resubmit your last essay and as
long as your final essay is in on time and well done,
he'll pass you with the B average you need to keep
your scholarship."

Brian's eyes widened. He hadn't looked past the first
paragraph, which had stated he was failing. "Thank
God!" was all Brian could manage in reply.

"To help you get those essays done to a good standard,
you're grounded for a month," Adam said calmly "And
I'll be moving the computer into the living room so I
can keep an eye on your activities." Adam held up his
hand to forestall Brian's objections before they
started. "You will be allowed to check your e-mail and
send replies as long as this doesn't interfere with
your studies, plus I will allow phone calls to your

Brian nodded reluctantly, all his concerns effectively
dealt with. Adam knew his Brat well. Brian knew the
time of reckoning was at hand when Adam moved a chair
into the middle of the room, put the paddle down on
the coffee table and beckoned to him. He always
flashed to a scene in the movie 'Dirty Dancing' when
Adam beckoned to him. He stifled a very weak smile
and obeyed the finger.

"Do we need to discuss why you're about to be
paddled?" Adam asked.

Brian shook his head. "No," he said sadly "As you
said, we've been here before and there's nothing new."
Brian's head came up and met the understanding eyes of
his lover. "Hey, at least I didn't start smoking
again," he said, bringing a laugh from Adam. No matter
how serious the situation was, Brian would always try
to lighten it.

"Okay baby, let's get this over with. Take down your
pants and over my knee." Adam always wanted his lover
to submit to the punishment. It was a way to
acknowledge that that the punishment was deserved and
that Brian trusted Adam to keep him on track, an
essential part of their discipline relationship.

Brian obeyed the command and the peaceful feeling he
always felt as he laid himself over Adam's knee was
reward in itself. He knew from past experience that
the warm up spanking and the swats from the paddle
would hurt horribly, but afterwards he would be
forgiven and held until he calmed down. He felt Adam's
hand gently circling his back and then moving down to
his bottom. Brian clenched it in anticipation, but it
didn't help. Adam started spanking starting soft and
slowly, building the intensity. At first Brian made
small sounds of distress that slowly grew in volume as
his bottom got steadily warmer.

Adam stopped spanking his lover when he felt he'd
warmed him up enough and picked up the paddle. He
slipped Brian's boxers down and ignored the plantive
wail that came from the man across his knees of
"Please not on the bare." Adam always paddled on the
bare; he would never use a paddle where he couldn't
see the effects. He prided himself on inflicting as
little bruising as possible whilst leaving a lasting
reminder of his displeasure at his Brat's behaviour.
He inspected his lover's bottom and was happy to see
the warm up had done its job. Adam began to apply the
paddle steadily, making every stroke count, as Brian
attempted to levitate off his lap. Adam didn't stop
until every inch of Brian's bottom was a deep red
colour and Brian had relaxed over his knee, sobbing
and accepting.

Adam stopped and his hand again began to slowly circle
Brian's back gently. "Okay baby, it's over, you're
forgiven and we'll fix everything together." Brian was
too far gone to calm down immediately, but he did
register the paddling had stopped. He squirmed up and
Adam held him, whispering loving nonsense words of
comfort to his lover, making sure that the punished
backside did not make contact with anything that would
make it hurt any more.

In an amazing feat of strengh even for 6' 3" of
manhood, Adam stood up, cradling his lover in his
arms, and carried him up the stairs to the bedroom. He
laid Brian down carefully and pulled a light sheet
over him. "Stay here, baby," he said gently "I'll be
right back." When Adam returned with a cold facecloth,
Brian was asleep, tears still glistening on his face.
Adam smiled. The worst was over and everything was
going to be all right from now on and pretty quiet for
at least the next month.


By Jo

OC’s: Adam and Brian with Eric and Sonny

"Where's that partner of yours?” Brian was surprised when he opened the door to an Eric on a rampage. Adam stood firm, a mad Eric was not something he was willing to let Brian face.

“Why what's he done?” Adam's voice was wary there had been a few problems recently between Eric and Brian mainly generated by the way Brian and Sonny interacted together.

Eric and Sonny's relationship had moved ahead rapidly. Eric had stayed with Adam and Brian a week while his home was being re-decorated and Sonny had spent almost every night of that week with him. When he moved back he invited Sonny to move in with him. Two weeks later Adam and Brian helped Sonny move into Eric's house.

“How dare he say to Sonny that I will use a cane on him,” Eric spat out “I now have a nervous wreck of a Brat at home who has locked himself into the bathroom and refuses to come out.”

Adam's expression tightened “Brian John McFadden get your butt down here right now.”

Brian jumped when he heard Adam. “Heck the full name was not a good sign.”

Brian slid to a halt in front of Adam “What do you want Adam Declan,” he paused.

“Don't you dare,” Adam growled.

“Marmaduke McLeod,” Brian finished his eyes dancing.

“Marmaduke?” Eric said laughing out loud “Why didn't you tell me that when we were together?”

“Because I changed it by deed poll when I was 18,” Adam growled.

“What did you want me for?” Brian asked and gulped when both men turned to face him.

“Why don't you explain to me why you told Sonny I'd cane him?” Eric asked “As surprising as it may be to you at this stage you haven't introduced discipline into our relationship.”

Brian shrugged “He asked about it. I answered his questions.” his eyes danced “Come I was just pulling his chain. We joke about all the time.”

“This time it is no joke,” Adam said sternly “Sonny panicked and locked himself in the bathroom.”

“Why didn't you tell me?” Brian pushed past Adam and neatly sidestepped Eric and took off at a run. Eric's house was less than a block away. Eric took off after him and Adam swearing under his breath locked the house and followed at a more sedate pace.

Brian burst into Eric and Sonny's house he'd visited it often enough that he knew where the bathroom was. He tried to open it and found it locked. “Sonny man you in there? Open the door bro we need to talk.”

“Go away Brian,” the muffled voice was Sonny's “I don't want to talk with any one.”

“Come on,” Brian was a past master at wheedling “It's only you and me not a Top in sight.” He gestured to Eric behind his back. Eric understood that sometimes Brats needed to talk to Brats and backed out.

“Only you and me?” Sonny's voice said.

“Only you and me,” Brian assured. He sighed in relief as he heard the lock click and Sonny came out his face swollen with crying. “Where can you talk?” Brian asked and Sonny led the way to the spare bedroom which was nominally his although he'd never spent a night there. He sat cross legged on the bed and grabbed a soft toy which he hugged close to him.

“That Donny?” Brian deliberately kept the conservation light.

“Yeah the only thing I kept through 10 different foster homes,” Sonny said “Him and the scars.”

Brian flinched he'd seen the scars on Sonny's back it was something they'd never discussed and Brian had never wanted too. They'd first met when they were both 7 and lasted in the same foster home for about six months when Brian was removed after a fist fight between the two. Then they'd met again at age 14 and had been split up at 16 when a foster parent had caught them together in Sonny's bed. Brian protested in vain that he was soothing Sonny after a nightmare. “I
got the scars in my first foster home,” Sonny looked up at Brian his green eyes shadowed. “I was 5 and my foster father took a cane too me. I ended up in hospital for about a week.”

“Look man I was only pulling your chain about Eric and a cane,” Brian admitted blushing “There's no way he would ever use one on you.”

“But ....,” Sonny was too wrung out to react to Brian's admission “I want a relationship like you and Adam. I want Eric to claim me like Adam does you.”

“Sonny,” Brian was touched “You need to talk to Eric. I can promise when he arrived at our door he was steaming mad asking what I had done to you. He was definitely claiming you as his.”

“He did?” Sonny looked at Brian. At Brian's nod he brightened “Did Eric come back with you?” he asked. At Brian's nod he took a deep breath and said “You're right me and Eric need to talk.”

Meanwhile in the living room Eric and Adam were talking. “When did you put the lock back on the bathroom?” Adam asked curiously “After the time I locked myself in there you took the lock off.”

Eric sighed “The new decorators,” he explained. He looked up as Sonny and Brian walked in.

“Brian and I need to go home and let you and Sonny talk,” Adam said standing up “Brian and I need to have a talk ourselves when we get home.” Brian winced slightly he and Adam had already had a talk regarding the way he treated Sonny.

Eric and Sonny just looked at each other until they heard the door close. Eric opened his arms and Sonny ran into them “Everything is going to be alright baby,” he murmured into Sonny's hair.

“I'm sorry. I was talking with Brian about his relationship with Adam and he said that Adam had told him you used a cane on him,” Sonny admitted “And that really scared me.”

Eric managed to throttle back his anger “Baby,” he said “It's no secret that Adam and I had a relationship that involved discipline but I never used any more than a paddle. I would never use a cane. Never.” Sonny looked at Eric whose blue eyes were shining with sincerity. “Look I want you. I'm not going to pussyfoot around. I've had plenty of lovers over the years but I think you're the one for me.”

Sonny's breath caught this was not what he'd been expecting. “But I'm a screw up. How can you love me?” he wailed “I'm not smart like you the only thing I can do is tinker with engines.”

Eric had a sudden urge to swat Sonny which he managed to resist “Sonny you are not stupid. I'm actually sick and tired of hanging around people in the Ivory tower of the University. I've loved coming home to you in the last month you keep me grounded. As for your tinkering with engines I was talking with your boss last week and he told me you had natural talent and he wanted to offer you an apprenticeship.”

“What about discipline?” Sonny asked tentatively.

“Well I can't deny that I like having rules around the house and have certain expectations of your behaviour and consequences if you fail to meet those expectations,” Eric said “I would guess if you've been talking to Brian about his and Adam's relationship you would be open to this sort of relationship?”

“Yes,” Sonny said he blushed “I guess locking myself in the bathroom was a no-no huh?”

Eric opened his mouth to say it didn't matter when he caught Sonny's green eyes. “Well I'm not happy.” was all he said “I think you need to learn that when you're troubled or panicking you can come to me. Maybe a spanking would help you with that.”

Sonny gulped; was this what he really wanted? His answer was quick and emphatic “yes” he wanted someone who would reign him in when he was spiraling out of control. He'd seen how much calmer and focused Brian was since he'd been with Adam.

It was obvious that Eric expected Sonny to bend over his knee. With butterflies Sonny found himself draped over Eric's knees in the traditional spanking position. “This time,” Eric said calmly “I'm giving you a break I'll spank you over your shorts, most of the time I would expect to spank you on the bare.” Eric didn't waste anytime in setting Sonny's butt on fire and his young lover couldn't believe how much it hurt. Before long he was crying bitterly feeling well punished but somehow comforted at the same time. He slowly realised the spanking had finished and Eric's hands were rubbing slow circles on his lower back helping to calm him down. Before long he was sitting on Eric's lap his butt carefully positioned to avoid resting on anything being reassured he was forgiven and that the lock on the bathroom was going to be removed again.

“Again?” Sonny inquired through his sniffles.

“Yes again,” Eric said “I'll tell you the sad story of Adam and the bathroom someday.” Sonny's delighted laughter joined Eric's ringing around their house.

**** **** ****

It had taken Brian 5 minutes to reach Eric and Sonny's house it took him 15 minutes to walk back. He was not looking forward to talking with Adam.

He thought back he and Sonny had an interesting history. He couldn't even remember what had caused the fight in the first foster home but he did remember swearing blood brotherhood a couple of hours before he was removed. He rubbed the faint scar on the inside of his wrist.

Then at 14 they'd ended up in the same foster home again. It was there they discovered that they were both gay and had come out aged 15 and been split up again at 16 when their homophobic foster father found Brian in bed with Sonny soothing him after a nightmare. After that Brian and Sonny had kept in touch.

They had not been model citizens. Most Friday nights they went out together and got drunk, high and usually laid. They got into fights and spent quite a few nights cooling off in the local police station. When Brian found he might be eligible for a scholarship to help with University he stopped looking for fights and therefore managed to avoid the charge of assault that got Sonny a record and probation for 6 months.

After the incident in the nightclub with Adam their relationship had cooled for a while but it had never been broken. After meeting Eric and becoming friends he had decided that Sonny needed a steady influence in his life and had set his friend and brother up. It had worked better than he could have imagined but he still couldn’t resist teasing and tormenting his brother.

They reached home and Adam led the way to the study. "We've discussed this before haven't we Brian?" Adam said his voice stern. "I seem to remember I gave you a free pass after the first morning when you teased Sonny about being an easy lay." Brian blushed that had not been one of his prouder moments both Adam and Eric had a few things to say about that episode. "I remember spanking you for calling Sonny a kept man when he moved in with Eric."

"Well he was he didn't have a job or any money when he moved in," Brian couldn't resist saying although they have covered the topic fully at the time.

Adam decided not to answer that not that Brain expected him too. "This however takes the cake. He trusted you asking you questions about a sensitive topic and instead of taking his questions seriously you decided to tell an out and out lie and scare him half too death."

"Hey," Brian said defensively "I didn't know about the abuse OK. Well not quite true I knew he'd been abused but I didn't know it was with a cane. Give me some credit I joke around but I never mean to hurt him."

"Then why lie?" Adam asked.

"I don't know," Brian said "Maybe I thought if I told him the normal way is on the bare butt with a hand he'd laugh at me for being a baby."

Adam just sighed this was an ongoing problem for Brian to get his headaround that an OTK spanking was not babyish.

"Well Sunshine," Adam said sternly "Do we really need to discuss this any longer?" Brian shook his head, pulled his pants down (as usual he as going commando) and draped himself over Adam's lap.

Adam waited until Brian settled down and then began to steadily spank. Quickly turning Brian’s bottom from milky white to rosy pink to fiery red. He was listening carefully to his Brat's crying and body language. When the crying became sobbing and the body had relaxed he stopped.

"All over. All forgiven," he said and as usual Brian squirmed up and rested his head against Adam's shoulder. Adam was never sure how he managed that straight from over the lap to sitting on the lap without touching the floor at any stage. Adam just made sure Brian's sore bottom was not aggravated any further during the squirming. The only thing left for Brian to do to close this chapter was to apologise to Sonny. Adam decided that could wait as he soothed his young lover.

The Matchmaker

By Jo

OC’s: Adam and Brian

Brian was taking full advantage of Adam's tender care the days after his strapping.

“Adam are you awake?”


“Stop teasing you are awake. I know you are,” Brian pouted.

“Stop pouting Brian,” Adam said opening his eyes reluctantly and glancing at the clock. “Brian it's only 5 in the morning,” he said in an outraged voice.

“We went to bed at 9,” Brian pointed out virtuously.

“We bonked like bunnies until 1,” Adam replied.

“Can we invite Sonny for dinner tonight?” Brian asked.

“Sonny,” Adam sat up showing off his impressive torso “Why would you want to invite Sonny to dinner?”

“Come on Adam,” Brian used his most wheedling voice taking a moment to admire the view “Sonny was my foster brother and I think he and Eric will get on.” Adam just looked at his lover.

“I'm going to regret this,” he said in a resigned tone of voice. Brian whooped and made to get out of bed. “Where do you think you're going?” Adam's voice was horse he grabbed Brian and rolled on top of him effectively pining him.

'What .....” Brian's voice trailed off as Adam began to nibble on his neck and caress his no longer tender bottom. Adam began to assault Brian's body using all the areas he found to turn Brian into mush. Half an hour later Brian was begging for Adam to fuck him. Adam obliged and claimed Brian as through it was the first time. The two came at the same time and after cleaning themselves up fell asleep again spooned together as normal.

That evening Brian opened the door and whistled in admiration. Sonny stood there the deep red hair with emerald green eyes was striking enough but Brian was used to that . It was the deep green shirt, tight black jeans, a black belt with a silver buckle and cowboy boots peeking out from the bottom of the jeans that brought the glint to Brian's eyes. Pure sex on the hoof.

“What?” Sonny was obviously nervous “Hey look is Adam okay with this because I like my teeth and jaw exactly where they are. I don't want to be a punching bag again.”

“Just don't try and feel me up again.” Brian grinned then turned serious “I still don't know why you did that. We were foster brothers man. We came out together and decided that we were better as brothers than lovers.”

“Brian are you going to make Sonny stand in the porch all night?” Adam called out from the kitchen.

“No.” Brian stuck his tongue out in the direction of the kitchen ushering Sonny in.

“Put that tongue back where it belongs,” what was it with Tops and their x-ray vision Brian wondered.

The next time the bell rang Brian called out “Sonny will you get that it's probably Eric.” Sonny wondered who Eric was as he opened the door his green eyes meet Eric blue one's and instant lust washed over both men. Eric typically was the first to recover.

“I'm expected for dinner,” he said “But I can see my dessert in front of me.” Sonny bushed Eric was not being subtle.

“You're very sure of yourself,” Sonny replied nettled “I'm no easy lay you know.” Eric just smiled and Sonny suddenly felt as if the ground had moved as his stomach rolled.

“Sonny I see you've meet Eric,” Brian bounced into the hallway “Eric this is Sonny my brother.”

“Your brother?” Eric's eyebrow raised in inquiry.

“Foster brother,” Sonny corrected turning round to glare at Brian, he knew a set up when he saw one. Brian grinned sheepishly. “Eric, Adam's in the kitchen grumbling at the cornbread,” Brian laughed out loud as Eric brushed past Sonny they both knew Adam's cornbread ranged from inedible to indigestible.

“You bastard,” Sonny hissed at Brian “You set me up again. I thought after Bernard you swore you'd never do that again. That fucker beat the crap out of me and then raped me for Christ's sake.”

Brian blushed and refused to meet Sonny's eyes “Hey I had no idea he was a psycho,” Brian protested “I promise Eric's not like that, He used to Top Adam and he's a good friend I thought you and he should meet.”

“He Topped Adam,” Sonny squeaked.

“Oh get over it,” Brian snapped “You liked him.”

“Ok he's cute but way too sure of himself,” Sonny said. Brian just shrugged.

“Typical Top,” he replied “Subtle is not one of Eric's strong points. He sees something or someone he wants he doesn't believe in messing around.” Before Sonny could respond the subject of their discussion came into the hallway “Cornbread has been saved and dinner is ready,” he announced his eyes twinkling.

Dinner was a relaxed affair. Sonny relaxed as he and Eric discussed a movie they'd seen. Adam and Brian both chipped in occasionally having seen the same movie. “Matthew McConaughey is a fine man,” Brian sighed “What a waste.” Adam laughed.

“On that let's move this into the lounge,” he suggested, although he did not believe in matchmaking he was pleased to see Eric and Sonny getting on. The four men moved into the lounge and Brian immediately claimed a place on Adam's knee snuggling into him. Adam correctly anticipated his silent request and kissed him. There was nothing chaste in the kiss.

Sonny shifted uncomfortably he was not used to such open displays of affection. He meet Eric' eyes and the lust rose again. This time he acted at the same time Eric did. When Adam and Brian finally came up for air they saw Eric and Sonny kissing. It was hot. Beyond hot. Brian groaned deep in his throat as he reacted to that kiss he was already at least partially aroused by the kiss he and Adam had shared.

“Guys we need to cut this short,” Adam said his voice slightly breathless, his reaction was similar to Brian's. “Eric as we discussed this morning our spare bedroom is set up for you while your house is being redecorated.” Eric grabbed Sonny's hand and led him up the stairs. Adam and Brian followed.

In the spare bedroom there was a queen sized bed. Eric claimed Sonny's mouth again. “You know we don't have to do this if you don't want to,” Eric said as they disengaged.

“Stop talking,” Sonny replied his hands busy with Eric's trousers “I want you. Oh wow man.” The last comment was in reaction the fact that Eric was not wearing underpants and his cock was truly impressive. Eric growled and began to disrobe Sonny. Soon they were both naked, hands, mouths and tongues being utilised learning each others erogenous zones using all the tricks they'd learnt over the years to inflame each other.

Adam leant over and took lube and condoms out of the bedside cabinet he knew Adam and Brian always wanted to be prepared so there were condoms and lube all over the house in every room. He prepared Sonny carefully driving him wild by slowly finger fucking him first. Sonny was begging now “Please Eric fuck me now please.” Eric complied and quickly replaced his fingers with his cock. The ride was wild as the man moved into a pace as old as time itself. They came together screaming the other's name as they did so.

In the main bedroom Adam and Brian were doing exactly the same thing.

Night Out

By Jo

OC’s: Adam and Brian

Brian almost fell down the stairs he was in such a hurry. He rushed into the kitchen cannoning into Adam. “Hi Adam. Bye Adam,” he said “I running late for the bus.”

“Wow little man,” Adam said holding firmly onto his Brat “Breakfast.” He firmly pushed Brian towards the kitchen table.

“But Adaaaaaam,” Brian wailed “I'm going to miss my bus and be late for my first lecture.”

“No you won't,” Adam said calmly placing a glass of OJ in front of his pouting lover “As Eric is the lecturer in your first class today I asked him to pick you up at 8 so you'll be in on time and I know you've had a decent breakfast not just a cup of coffee.” Adam gave Brian the Look “One of our rules was around a sensible eating plan was it not?”

“Food Nazi,” Brian muttered under his breath. Then he paled slightly “Eeeeric,” he stuttered “the uber Top himself?” Adan and Brian had been together for three months now and Eric had been a regular visitor but Brian had always felt a little uneasy around him. He didn't like the feeling that Eric could read him like a book. He had listened avidly to the discussions Adam and Eric had recalling episodes that were not always to Adam's credit. Brian grinned his Top had not always been the model for upstanding behavior.

“I don't know why you're so uneasy around Eric,” Adam said truly puzzled as Brian began to eat his breakfast “He likes you and as far as I know he's never acted the Top around you. He's my friend now we decided a few years ago that we were better off as friends rather than as lovers or as Top and Brat.” Adam looked at Brian “You do know there's nothing to be jealous of don't you?” he asked anxiously. Brian swallowed his last spoonful of cereal and washed it down with the OJ.

“I'm not jealous,” he said grinning cheekily at his lover “It's just every time I see Eric I have a vision of your over his knees having your cute butt spanked. It's really surreal.” Adam blushed bright red as Brian had known he would. He giggled in delight as Adam lunged for me and drew him into a hug.

“Oh you do do you?” Adam mock growled as he began to tickle his young lover.

“Adaaaaam,” Brian was breathless with laughter “Stop it I need to get ready to go.”

“By all means let's get going.” a voice came from the door. Eric's blond hair was gleaming in the sunlight his blue eyes crinkled in amusement at the sight in front of him. Brian squirmed free, straightened his t-shirt, grabbed his jacket and bag.

“I'm all ready,” he said, he turned back to Adam grinning “Have a good day.” he said “I should be home by 5pm.” He lent into the goodbye kiss Adam gave him deepening it “Miss you already,” he whispered and reluctantly turned to leave.

“Cellphone,” Adam said sharply seeing it on the bench.

“Okay. Okay,” Brian said grabbing it “You're the one who distracted me with the whole breakfast thing.” he teased.

“Breakfast is a good way to start the day,” Eric said smiling at Adam as Brian brushed past him.

Adam blushed again “Food Nazi,” he muttered unconsciously echoing his Brat from earlier. Eric just laughed and followed Brian down the path thumbing the doors of his car to open.

Brian bounced out of the car when they arrived at the University “See you soon,” he said to Eric and headed towards the Coffee Cart on the quadrangle for his daily fix. “Triple espresso,” he ordered feeling a little naughty knowing full well one of the understandings he had with Adam was that he would limit his caffeine intake. “What Adam didn't know wouldn't hurt him,” Brian unconsciously grinned at the double meaning of the sentence.

The day went smoothly although during his lunch break he ignored his carefully prepared healthy sandwich and tucked into fish and chips with a coke and chocolate cake to finish off with. While reaching for his wallet he saw an open pack of cigarettes and gulped nervously. This contraband was strictly forbidden from almost the first day of their co-habitation Adam has put his foot down about Brian's smoking. Brian had not had a cigarette for almost two months. Seeing the cigarettes in his bag was weakening his resolve and there was no residual sting in his bottom to dissuade him.

“Wait a second,” Brain thought to himself “Adam trusted him and maybe breaking the healthy food rule occasionally was okay,” Although Brian wasn't too sure about even that “Breaking the no smoking rule was a paddling offense.” He knew that from personal experience and on that occasion the look on Adam's face when he realised Brian had broken the rule about smoking had almost been worse than the paddling. Almost. Brian took the cigarettes out of his bag and put them in the rubbish bin. There one temptation conquered he congratulated himself.

Brian was packing his books up from his last class when he was hailed by Sonny one of his wilder friends. “Hey Bri we're all going out to McCoys to celebrate the beginning of a new term. You in?” Brian hesitated he knew Adam was planing a special dinner. “What the big bad tutor got you on a leash already?” Sonny mocked. Sonny had never really forgiven Adam for hitting him across the room a couple of months ago when he'd started to get a little too friendly with Brian in a night club. Adam making it very clear Brian was his and nobody else better touch him without permission.

Brian bristled “No-ones got a leash on me,” he growled “A few drinks won't hurt,” He grinned at Sonny maliciously “How's your jaw?” Sonny just scowled. Brian turned to the others in the group “Well let's get going then,” almost effortlessly he flowed back into his bad boy persona of a year ago. He didn't realise his eyes were dancing recklessly. Adam would have noticed the danger signs of a Brian about to go off the rails but his friend's were a lot less perceptive
although a few of the saner ones did look at him uneasily.

Four hours later Brian was not enjoying himself. They'd moved on from McCoys through two other bars and were now at an Irish Bar called Kitty Malone's. He was wondering why Adam hadn't called him as he flipped open his cellphone. “Oh hell,” Brian swore to himself “He hadn't turned it on.” Brian turned on his 'phone and his stomach slowly rolled when the display came up and told him he had 4 text messages and three missed calls all from the same source Adam . He was so dead.

He couldn't face Adam tonight he knew he was in trouble but he flashed back to the time he'd been caught smoking and the look on Adam's face and his eyes started to sting. He looked down and saw the ashtray next to him and the cigarette in his hand. He was just glad he'd had enough wit left to turn down the “wacky baccy” Sonny had offered him. He dialed a number on his cellphone.

“Hi Eric,” he said his voice shaking slightly “Can I beg a lift from you and a bed for the night.”

In The Beginning

By Jo

OC’s: Adam and Brian

Adam was marking the essays his tutorial had written for Professor Oliver's European History course. He sighed heavily and his fellow tutor and ex-lover Eric looked up. “What's up?” he asked.

“It's just this guy in my second tutorial group,” Adan said “His name is Brian, he keeps coming onto me and what's worse I know he's smart heck he's got a scholarship but so far the work he's handed in is sub standard. He's getting C's but with his brains he should get A's. Here see for yourself.” He handed one of the essays on his pile to Eric who started reading.

“This is a scream,” Eric said handing it back to Adam “He's got some great ideas but he doesn't back them up with any evidence and the spelling mistakes are unforgivable. I'd have a word with him if I were you. Ask Oliver if this Brian can have a second chance and then ram it home to this young man he is going to lose his scholarship if he doesn't shape up.”

Adam sighed “I like the guy, more than like if it comes to that but I will not make a move until the course is finished. He on the other hand is shameless. I have to keep this on a professional level as much as I'd like to grab him and drag him back into line.” He smiled crookedly at Eric who had mentored him through some tough times. Eric smiled back.

“Sounds like someone else I knew back in the day,” he said “But you pulled up so I'm guessing it's your turn to see if this Brian can do the same. I know Oliver will give you a chance to have a heart to heart he's done it before.” Eric's grin was positively malicious.

**** **** ****

“I'll have a espresso double shot to go luv,” Brian said to the girl manning the coffee cart in the University forecourt. The girl wasn't his type hell she wasn't even the right sex but staying in her good books paid. He wondered once again what Adam wanted with him the message he'd got had been short and curt scheduling a meeting regarding his grades. Brian's groin tightened with longing he'd fallen for his tall, dark tutor from almost the first meeting and had tried everything to attract the man's attention. Adam had taken him aside and said nothing would happen while they were still tutor and student and to stop flirting. Brian had stopped the flirting but still wanted Adam like he'd wanted nobody before. Brian sighed he didn't like acting like a lovestruck fool. His coffee was ready and automatically gifting the girl with his megawatt smile he made his way to Adam's office.

He knocked on the door and opened it. Adam was inside laughing with somebody Brian recognised as Eric and he felt a sudden surge of jealously. “We have an appointment,” Brian said to Adam. Adam frowned at being interrupted but Eric just laughed and left the room.

“Yes we have an appointment,” Adam said grabbing Brian's essay from his pile “I'd like you to tell me what this is?”

“It's my essay,” Brian said puzzled looking through it his eyes widened “A C you gave me a lousy C.”

“You're lucky it wasn't a D,” Adam said “I warned you with your first essay that if you didn't work harder you were in danger of failing and would definitely lose your scholarship.”

“Oh come on you're just acting the hard ass because you want me,” Brian was pushing now “You just wanted an excuse to call me to your office.” Brian lent back and grinned.

Adam counted to 10 then counted to 10 again. It didn't work “You conceited bastard,” he exploded wiping the grin off Brian's face “I'm trying to give you a chance and you just keep trying to screw up.”

Brian was looking worried now if he lost his scholarship he was sunk. Both his parents had died when he was young and he'd been brought up by a succession of foster parents and the state has dumped him when he was 18. His parents had left him some money but not enough to see him through his University course without the scholarship.

“What can I do?” he asked Adam all signs of his previous cockiness gone “I need to get at least a B to keep my scholarship.”

“I've talked with Professor Oliver and he's decided to give you a second chance,” Adam squirmed slightly remembering the interview with the Professor. It reminded him of the time he was in Brian's shoes and Eric was requesting a second chance for him. Brian didn't notice the squirm “You've got two weeks, until the end of the course in other words, to resubmit the essay. This time the Professor will be marking your essay and to receive a B passing grade it will have to
earn an A.”

“An A,” Brian squeaked “How do I get an A?” he looked pathetically at Adam “Can you help me?” he asked “I don't know where to start.”

“Kiddo,” said Adam softly “I was never going to set you adrift. What we need to do is set up a study schedule for you. Eric has agreed to take on some of my tutorials to free me up to help you out. Now we can set up that study schedule now.”

For the next two weeks the two men worked closely together and not only on Brian's history essay but on his Comp Sci requirements also. Brian couldn't believe how smoothly it all went it wasn't easy and there'd been a few pointed comments exchanged when he stopped for cigarette breaks. There'd also been a long talk when he'd almost fainted one morning as all he'd had for breakfast was a cup of coffee. His essay was actually handed in early and when it came back
he felt huge relief when it came back with the required A.

“Adam look my results are in,” Brian waltzed into Adam and Eric's office “Apart from the B in history I got straight A's in everything else thanks to the extra study I did.”

Adam looked up. He almost whistled when he saw how Brian was dressed skintight T-shirt showing off his toned physique and the jeans were so tight it was obvious he was not wearing underpants. Adam felt himself turn hard almost immediately and was glad he was sitting behind his desk. Eric looked at him curiously and had to stifle a laugh although he grinned broadly when he saw the look on his ex-lover's face. 'He's gone, he's totally gone.' was all Eric thought.

Adam controlled his breathing and said as casually as he could “Great news kid. Do you want to go out tonight and celebrate?”

Brian grinned his eyes sparkling “What, the big bad tutor asking little old me out?” he wasn't fooled by Adam's casual pose he'd seen the red flush and increased heart rate.

“No longer your tutor little man,” Adam almost purred “Now we're free to go out And I can show you young one's how to celebrate the end of term.” Brian grinned the next few weeks were going to be interesting.

**** **** ****

The first date was interesting they hadn't lasted long at the party and had made their way back to Adam's flat. They'd slowly undressed each other and made love again and again and again. Finally they'd dropped off to sleep wrapped around each other.

“Brian wake up sleepy head,” Adan said two weeks later “It's time for breakfast.” Brian muttered something about it being the middle of the night and turned over to go back to sleep. Adam grinned he'd learnt how to get Brian moving in the morning he stripped the bed clothes off his young lover.

“Ahhh Adam no fair,” Brian groused.

“Fifteen minutes,” Adam warned “Or else I come back up here and hurry you up.”

Adam left the room and Brian started to get dressed thinking hard. Adam, a couple of times, had threatened to spank him and Brian knew a few couples who had a relationship which included discipline and he wasn't sure how to broach the subject with Adam. A couple of his gay friends in this type of relationship had been real screw ups, almost as bad as him Brian privately conceded, and after being taken in hand had turned around almost as dramatically as he had.

He made it down to breakfast within the fifteen minutes. Next to his plate was a letter “Shit, shit, shit. I've been fucking evicted.” Adam moved quickly almost automatically and pulled his startled young lover over his thighs in the age old spanking position.

“I know we talked only yesterday about your swearing,” Adam said calmly “Now you're going to learn some consequences. The spanking as spankings went was not long, Brian was crying freely by the time Adam ended it and immediately accepted the hug offered by his lover.

“That was not nice,” Brian mumbled into his lover's shoulder.

“That's why it's called punishment love,” Adan replied “It's the method Eric used to keep me in line when I was your age.”

Brian chuckled “Do you mean Eric who 5' 8” spanked you. You're 6' 3” if not taller?” Brian was frankly curious.

“I tell you when I was in trouble with Eric our physical size difference was not part of the equation,” Adam said “I had to explain what I'd done to get into trouble, how I was going to fix it and then submit to any punishment he deemed was required to make amends.”

“Do you think that would work for us?” Brian seized the opening “I mean I know I have some problems would you be willing to be in a relationship with a screw up like me.”

“You, Brian, are not a screw up,” Adam said forcibly “You have a few issues true but you are not a screw up. We will discuss this later we need to decide what rules we have and the consequences for breaking the rules. I am more than willing to be in a relationship with a loving, sweet man like you.” He drew Brian in for a kiss that more than sealed the deal.

Once Brian had recovered he wriggled off Adam's lap and picked up the discarded letter “What do I do about my lease?” he asked plaintively.

“That's easy,” Adam said “We'll go to your place, pack your stuff and you'll move in here.” The same type of earth shattering kiss sealed that deal also.

And that's how the relationship started between Adam and Brian.

Eric and Adam

By Jo

"How do I get myself into things like this?" Adam wondered as he sat on the toilet with the seat down, looking at the closed, locked bathroom door.

"Adam, I'm waiting and I'm getting sick and tired of it." Eric was not noted for his patience, especially where his brat was concerned. "We need to discuss this habit you have of getting into fights."

Adam scowled at the door, touching his black eye gently and wincing as he did so. "It's not a habit. And I'm not coming out unless you promise not to spank me."

Eric sighed. "That's not our agreement and you know it," he retorted.

Eric and Adam had met in a tutorial, almost a year before. Adam was a first year and Eric a third year, taking the course for pure interest's sake. It was not long before they'd started dating and finally moved into a house together closer to the University. It was then that Eric had explained that he intended to be the head of the household, or as modern parlance
put it, the Top.

Adam knew all about Tops and Brats; he'd read plenty on the internet over the years. He'd always identified with the Tops in those stories. He turned to Eric. "I'm not a Brat."

"I know," Eric replied calmly. "You are a loose cannon. You miss more lectures than I can count and I have bailed you out of jail two times in the last month. Then last night the Sergeant at the desk said you were a punch away from being charged with GBH."

Adam went slightly pale at this. He had no idea he was even close to being formally charged.

"I want to help you out," Eric continued with monumental calm. "We need to discuss what problems you have and how we can fix them."

"Why we?" Adam was frankly suspicious. Nobody ever gave anybody something for nothing, in his experience.

"Because at the moment we are a couple. And I want to help you because I care."

The two men had discussed the mechanics of a discipline relationship as Eric called it. They'd agreed that Adam had some anger management problems and time keeping problems.

"So every time you stray off the straight and narrow--"

"You spank me," Adam interjected, his voice somewhat heated.

"Don't be daft." Eric was not ruffled by Adam's interjection. "Lines are an option. I only spank if there's a repeat offense or for actions that endanger yourself or somebody else. For example, fighting would mean a spanking. Missing a lecture the first time would mean borrowing a copy of somebody else's notes, mine for instance, and using them to write your own notes. Miss another lecture, you write them on a sore bottom."

"I can't believe I'm agreeing to all this," Adam groused. "But I do value our relationship and I guess I do need someone around to hold me to account for my actions."

It was about two weeks later when Adam got spanked for the first time. There was a specific ritual that Eric followed.

"Come into the study."

Adam slowly followed Eric through to the study and stood in front of him.

"Why don't you run down the reason you're here," Eric requested.

"I missed a god-damn lecture for the second time this week," Adam growled "I was eating lunch with the guys and lost track of the time, that's all." He caught Eric's look. "I know. I know. We made an agreement and I blew it." Adam moved to Eric's side. "Do we do this with pants on or off," he asked awkwardly.

"First time, pants on." Eric said gently. He knew this was hard on Adam. It went against all his instincts. Eric had a moment of clarity. He knew he and Adam weren't destined for a life long relationship, they were too alike, but while they were together he'd help the younger man out with his problems.

For a first spanking it was quite mild, but Adam didn't think so, he felt as though his butt had been set on fire. However he was able to sit at the table later on and write out his notes.

It was that spanking that had led to this impasse in the bathroom.

Adam and Eric had been at a bar, where Adam had been buying the drinks when someone bumped into him. A heated argument erupted about whose fault it was and Adam had thrown the first punch. The bouncers had moved in, but Eric had moved quicker and restrained his partner with difficulty. When Adam realised who was holding him he calmed right down and an icy knot formed in his stomach. They'd left immediately. As soon as they got home Adam had bolted straight for the nearest and only lockable room, the bathroom.

"I don't want to be spanked." Adam realised he was whining. "I want to renegotiate our deal."

"Fine, we'll renegotiate," Eric said calmly "Tomorrow after we've dealt with what happened tonight. Now come
out, I'm getting sick and tired of standing out here."

Adam realised Eric was getting annoyed. If he stayed in the bathroom much longer he'd find himself placed in a corner while Eric calmed down. He reluctantly unbolted the door and faced a rightly irate Top.

Eric's anger was replaced by concern when he saw Adam's black eye. "Come into the kitchen."

Adam was confused. This wasn't in the routine. He followed Eric into the kitchen and sighed when a bag of frozen peas was taken out and pressed against his aching eye. After about two minutes he reluctantly put the peas back in the freezer.

"I guess it's time we get this over and done with," he said and headed towards the study.

Eric smiled wryly. When Adam decided to follow a course of action, he was hard to stop. He followed Adam and turned him to face him. "Why are we in here?"

"Because I got into a fight and that's against the rules." As normal, Adam actually felt calm when admitting to his transgressions. He knew Eric could make it right and wash away the guilt. He trusted Eric and knew he'd survive the spanking and learn. He hadn't missed a lecture since his last spanking.

This time Adan didn't hesitate. He lowered his trousers and underpants and laid himself over Eric's knee. Eric spanked steadily. This time it wasn't mild and Adam started protesting early, then getting no relief, gave in to tears. Then the sobs started and his body stopped fighting. This was what Eric was looking for. He gave the last six swats from top to bottom and back again, slightly overlapping.

The rest of the evening was spent with Adam lying on the sofa, his head in Eric's lap. This ritual of forgiveness was a important part of every punishment.

The next morning saw Eric taking the lock off the bathroom. Adam couldn't stop laughing. His partner was no expert with a screw driver.

The relationship lasted about another year after the spanking for fighting. It wasn't the last spanking, but the frequency slowed and finally stopped altogether. The two sat down and the decision was made to end the relationship but maintain the friendship. Now they could joke about things that had happened, although Adam had a tendency to blush when his more startling adventures were discussed.

Adam now felt much more comfortable as the Top in his relationship with Brian. Brian, he knew, was a true Brat, and there was never the unease which had characterised his relationship with Eric. Adam and Brian. Top and Brat. A perfect match.

The End