Brian and Sonny.

WARNINGS- all of it is a memory of physical and psychological child abuse. If
this disturbs you do not read it.

Brian absently ran his hand over an old scar on the back of his hand. Meeting up
with Mark had brought up a lot of memories he didn't want to face again.

His parents had died in a car crash when he was 6, he had no family extended or
otherwise, so he was placed into foster care. Het met Sonny in his first foster
family, and two hours before they were separated they'd become blood brothers.

They'd met again when they were 14. This was where Mark came into their lives,
as the natural son of their foster parents, Brad and Alice Counter. Brian had
learnt in his time in foster care to not get close to anyone. But he and Sonny
were different, they'd kept in touch by letter and their bond had remained

They were hellions and kept their foster parents very busy. More often than not
they drew Mark in as well. In the end Brad, the boys' foster father had resorted
to corporal punishment despite it being totally against the fostering rules.
Brian and Sonny kept it very quiet; they knew if it came to light they'd be
split up again.

They came out at 15.

"It's a phase you'll grow out of it," Alice assured the two boys.

"It's not a phase," Sonny replied stubbornly, "I'm gay. I like men not women."

"Don't speak to your mother like that," Brad growled, "We won't have talk like
that in this house."

"She's not my mother," Sonny spat and shrunk in behind Brian, when Brad raised
his fist.

Brian straightened up, he often protected Sonny, and he had a Knight errant
streak running through him. ""Hey calm down," he said, "Sonny is telling the
truth. We're gay. We've known it for years we just decided to come out."

"You just want him," Brad spat.

"God no," Brian was disgusted, "We're brothers plus after experimenting a bit,
we're both bottoms, I wouldn't know what to do if I had him."

That was the first time his foster father had hit him, it wasn't the last.

They started to stay out late, drinking and fighting. Brian started to smoke,
but neither got into drugs, except for the odd marijuana buzz. Some of the
school teachers were worried about the two boys showing up with bruises. They
just used to show them their bruised knuckles and deflect the questions. About
half the bruises Brian showed up with were courtesy of his foster father; trying
to convince him he liked girls.

Finally at sixteen it came to a head. Sonny had started having nightmares about
his first foster home where he had been horribly abused. In order to sooth him
Brian had got into bed with him.

Even more then 9 years later Brian shuddered.

The beating had been bad enough but the two hours spent in a dark cupboard had
been worse. Even now the smell of mould and spider webs could throw him back. He
got the scar on the hand by trying to batter his way out.

They had split Brian and Sonny up but they'd continued to meet up and raise hell
until Brian hooked up with Adam and had then set Sonny up with Eric.

When discussing the discipline partnership with Brian Sonny had asked how he
could allow it after what had happened to him at the hands of Brad Counter.
Brian had thought for a minute and said, "I choose to give the power over to
Adam. I have areas in my life I need some help with and consequences. I'm not
weak. I'm not incompetent. Adam is willing to catch me when I fall. Don't get me
wrong it hurts like hell when Adam punishes me but I know once I've paid the
slate is clean. Always remember Brats have the final say, until we're actually
over our Tops laps."

Brain remembered that talk with a crooked grin. He set his jaw, back in the day
Mark had been a pretty good friend, despite his father. He wouldn't forget his
past but he wouldn't let it ruin his current life. "Your round," he said to Mark
over the buzz of the pub.

It Was Only a K

Part 1 – Eric and Sonny

Sonny stumbled into the hallway of the house he and Eric had purchased only last
year. It was a rundown 19th century villa that they had slowly been renovating.
Eric was standing at the end of the hallway wearing jeans and a t-shirt that
matched his eyes. It was a t-shirt Sonny had bought him, although anyone who
mentioned that was a very gay thing to do, tended to get a mouthful. Brian had
got hit over the head with a pillow.

"I'm drunk," Sonny confided to Eric who just raided an eyebrow.

"So I see," Eric replied. "Did Brian drive you home?"

"Yes, he was a bit pissed but it was only a really short trip," Sonny replied,
he might have been drunk, but he'd have to have been comatose to not notice the
eyebrow, and the sudden glint that appeared in Eric's eyes. He suddenly felt
very sober "Oh shit."

"I suppose I should be pleased that the message on communication had got
through," Eric said dryly. "I'm guessing you know where we go to from here."

Sonny led the way to the old butler's pantry. It had been one of the first room
renovated and had become a punishment room. Once inside the door was shut and
the light turned on it was obvious the room was soundproof and although the
furnishing was a straight back chair, a battered old squashy sofa and a small
set of drawers. Eric reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a paddle.

Sonny sniffled as he pulled down his pants "It was only a k," he protested as he
laid over Eric's knee. Eric pulled down Sonny's boxers to bare his bum.

"I don't care," the Top said, "I don't care you got drunk. What this is for is
getting into a car when you knew the person driving it was drunk.."

Eric never bothered with a warm up. He always figured his Brat's bottom would
warm up perfectly well with the paddle. The first swat was loud. Sonny stiffened
as the pain hit and hissed through his teeth. The second swat landed just below
the first and Sonny could stop the yelp that escaped. Eric then set a steady
rhythm, slowly turning his brat's bottom from creamy white, to rosy pink and the
slowly to flaming red. It was the worst paddling he'd handed out in a while, but
this was one message he wanted to drive home.

Sonny was a mess, and after swearing black and blue he'd never catch a lift with
someone drunk again. he just cried as the pain built. It was only when he was
being held by his lover on the big sofa that his sobs tapered off. " I'm sorry,"
he said his voice hoarse with the crying.

"I know baby," Eric was busy soothing his partner, "It's forgiven, but never do
it again. I don't know what I'd do if you got hurt or killed in a car crash."

Tears started to run down Sonny's face again. "I never thought of it like that.
His green eyes where bloodshot as he looked up at Eric, "It was a k, but next
time I'll walk."

Part 2 –Adam and Brian

Brian parked the car on the grass. He was a bit perturbed that he was seeing two
garages when he'd left that morning there had only been one.

He walked into the house quite proud that he could walk a straight line. "Honey
I'm home," he sang out as he entered.

"I'm in the study," came back Adam's voice.

"What are you doing in here," Brian's voice trailed off was he saw his Top
sitting behind the desk with a strap lying in front of him. "What…?" he croaked.

"If you tell me you're sober, or someone else drove the car I'll put the belt
away," Adam said, in a level tone.

"What are you? A bloodhound? How the hell can you tell I've been drinking form
over there?"

Adam crooked an eyebrow (what is it with these tops and the eyebrow) "The three
tries you had at getting into the garage clued me in." Plus the fact Oliver from
the bar called me saying you the Dial-a-Driver car you'd called couldn't find
you. I added 2 to 2 and made 4. Tell me I'm wrong."

"It was only a k," Brian protested. "and Dial-a-Driver was taking forever,."

"I don't care," Adam replied standing up. "You do not drive drunk. Not on k not
a dam metre." Adam took a deep breath as Brian rushed from the room and could be
heard throwing up into the sink, "Damn," he thought to himself as he poured a
glass of cool water and made his Brat sip it slowly, "he's been drinking Jim
Beam and L'n'P."

Once Brian had finished the water they went back into the study. No more talk
was necessary they'd done this dance plenty of times. The strap cracked down and
Brian cried out. His last coherent thought for a while was "Shit this is going
to hurt." He was right and when Adam carried him to bed, he found it extremely
difficult to find a comfortable position. After an uneasy night he padded
downstairs in the oldeset. softest pants he could find.

"How did you get the black eye?"

"Would you believe amnesia?"


Adam/Brian, Eric/Sonny and Mark

"Brian. Sonny is it really you?" The two men spun around and saw a man about
their age, flashing them a smile. He had dusty, brown hair and hazel eyes. He
was wearing low slung jeans and a Nike T-shirt.

Sonny looked at Brian who shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry," Sonny said "You
obviously know us but we can't bring you to mind."

This was not uncommon for the two brothers; they'd both been in numerous foster
homes so there were quite a few people around that could call them brother. It
was pretty rare for someone to greet them both.

"It's Mark. Mark Counter."

A light came on in Sonny's brain, "You're Brad and Alice's natural son." he
said, and Brian after a puzzled moment clicked also.

He'd forgotten about his foster parents, the Counters. It had been them that
had found him and Sonny in a bed together at 16. Brian had been comforting his
brother after he'd had a nightmare, but Brad Counter would not believe him. He'd
always counted himself lucky he didn't remember much of what happened in the
hour it had taken a social worker to turn up.

He could have bitten his tongue as he said the first thing out of his mouth,
"Your Dad still as homophobic as ever?" Adam held him to a higher standard than
that, and even Sonny winced. Brian was only vaguely surprised when Mark took a
swing at him. His first thought was "How the hell do I explain a black eye to
Adam." He backed up holding a hand up. He'd learnt that fighting in the street
was not a bright move. He really didn't need for Adam to pick him up from a
police station again. "Hey Mark. I'm sorry, that was totally uncalled for.

"You two always did fight." Sonny observed from a safe distance. "The number of
times you had to explain black eyes, bloody noses and bruises in strange place
were legendary." Brian and Mark just looked at him, looked at each other,
laughed and shook hands. The three men went for a drink, then another and then
even more.

Eric was not amused when Sonny arrived home, especially after Sonny admitted to
being dropped off by a very drunk Brian. His plea of "It was only a k," did not
save him from a hard paddling.

Brian was well and truly caught out by Brian. The strapping he received sobered
him up remarkably quickly. The next morning as he mournfully stood up eating his
cornflakes. Adam inquired casually "How did you get the eye."

"Would you believe I have amnesia surrounding last night?" Brian replied


"Will you just hush for a minute," Brian turned on Sonny who had been
complaining he was bored. "The birds here are wild not caged like at the zoo. If
you continue to talk that loudly they don't hand around." The fact that his
voice had risen to match or exceed his brother's totally escaped him.

"Will to two hush up," came Adam's exasperated voice, "I'd just lined up a
perfect shot of a tuatara, which is now back in his burrow to escape the bloody
chattering brats. I swear next time I came to Zealandia I'm leaving you two

Brian was looking into the distance "Hush," he hissed "Fantail dead ahead." The
little group went home with a picture of the shyest bird in the sanctuary.

Summer Nights

Author – Jo
Warning- Waffle, earthquakes, belt and paddle.
All mistakes are mine. Spell and grammar checked only.

Brian and Sonny were lying in the sun beds beside the pool. The pool party was
still going on around them, but with their differing work schedules, they rarely
got time just to talk to each other.

Brian had quickly moved on, after getting a job with NZ Rail. After dipping his
toes into several jobs, he had finally set up as a programmer, working mainly
from home. He also sidelined as a computer "geek" who helped customers having
problems with their computers. Brian usually laughed when the customers opened
their doors, and the geek they'd expected was 6' feet tall, with jet black hair,
blue eyes and a body to die for. At least, that was how Adam always described
his lover's body and who was Brian to argue?

Sonny had found a job in a local garage as a mechanic, after completing his
apprenticeship. He was very happy, and his boss was allowing him to use part of
the workshop to build his own race car.

They were both still in discipline relationships, with their partner's Adam and
Eric respectively. In fact both Tops were keeping a discrete eye on their
younger partners, Brian and Sonny together was sometimes a recipe for disaster.
Sonny had once protested to Eric that the assumption was unfair. Eric's answer
had been brief and pointed, "Then why are you over my lap getting a spanked
after the prank you pulled with your brother?" Sonny had several answers to
that question, but after painful experience had learnt not to voice them. It was
little comfort to him that Brain was in exactly the same position, as he was,
for the same crime. Neither of the younger men acted as a brake on the other. If
anything events accelerated when they were together.

It had happened in summer. In January to get out of the miserable weather in
Wellington, they all decided to make a pilgrimage to the devastated
Christchurch. At first they'd been a bit uneasy with the aftershocks going on,
but after a couple of days they got almost blasé about them. The four had
enjoyed visiting the container mall, and had great fun at Orana Wildlife Park,
having a close encounter with the lions.

It was when they visited the red zone that things went wrong. All four men were
shocked at the damage they viewed from behind the fence. It was a city they'd
often visited, and although they'd seen the devastation on television, the
reality was much worse. Brian and Sonny spent a spirited five minutes with a
security guard, trying to convince him that they had a right to see the
Cathedral. Finally a couple of exasperated Tops found their Brats, apologized to
the guard and went back to the hotel they were staying at.

"But Ericcccc," Sonny whined. Brian winced slightly; he knew that tone never
went anywhere good.

"Sonny, don't push it," Eric warned darkly, "I'm not in the mood. I don't
understand why you tried to enter the red zone."

"We thought it would be fun," Brian jumped in, and suddenly felt a heavy hand
land on his shoulder. He twisted up and looked up into Adam's eyes, "We'd get
some good photos," he finished, lamely.

In their separate rooms, at the hotel, both Brats got the chapter and verse of
why they were not to attempt to enter the red zone again. Lurid threats were
made, and Sonny paid the price for continuing his whining, even after the
warning. Eric was very firm on the importance of clear communication, and Sonny
knew whining did not come under that heading.

Later on neither Brat ever let on who suggested they try to sneak into the red
zone. They didn't get far until being apprehended by a security guard, who
handed them over to the police, who prompted charged them with trespassing.
Later on, in court, they both got huge fines.

However before visiting court they had to face their Tops. Brian knew exactly
how much trouble he was in when Adam reached into the closet and came out with a
belt. Adam grimly pointed to the end of the bed, after he'd placed two pillows
there. Not a word had been spoken. Brian didn't need any instructions, he'd
been here before. He peeled down his trousers and underpants and bent over the
bed. The strapping was beyond painful. Much later he was laying on the bed, with
his head on Adam's shoulder. "Hurts," was all he muttered, and was not happy
when Adam replied with "Good."

Sonny was shocked almost speechless when Eric pulled the paddle from the
suitcase. "You packed the paddle," he spluttered in outrage.

Eric just raised an eyebrow. "I was a boy scout," he answered, "I always like to
be prepared. You should count yourself lucky, Adam was muttering about a belt."
Sonny paled slightly, Brian had privately told him that he hadn't been spanked
for over six months, before they'd embarked on this trip.

Eric pulled a straight back chair out into an open area of floor and beckoned to
his Brat. Sonny walked over, unbuttoned his jeans, pulled them and his boxers
down, and placed himself over his Top's knees. He realized, with some shock,
that the chair seemed to have the same measurements as the "spanking chair" they
used at home. "You sent measurements for the chair as well, right?" was all he
accused; Eric chuckled, and then began to spank Sonny. He quickly re-heated
Sonny's bottom from the previous night and began to improve on it. When Sonny
was crying hard, Eric reached for the paddle, "Please Eric I'm sorry, don't
paddle me," Sonny begged, his voice breaking slightly.

Eric hardened his heart; he was not immune to Sonny's obvious distress, but he
knew going easy on his young brat was not an option. "Sonny, you put yourself
in danger, that is going to earn you a paddling every single time." With that he
began to use the paddle. He only stopped when Sonny was limp over his lap, and
his young lover's bottom was glowing red. He then began the long process of
convincing his Brat he was forgiven.

That had been in summer, it was now winter. They were the only four left at the
pool. Brian and Sonny were laughing at something Brian has said. The two Tops
grinned at each other, and the only warning their Brats got was the yell "Cannon

Pool Party-Kiwi Style

For the Tea Room's challenge.
Adam and Brian.
Warning- Kiwi slang and all mistakes are mine.

"It's the middle of winter," Brian's voice rose in protest, as he surveyed the
invitation they'd just received on facebook. "How the hell can anybody throw a
pool party when it's less than 13 degrees outside?"

Adam rolled his eyes sometimes his Brat could be so melodramatic. "Easy," he
replied, running his hand through Brian's shaggy locks. "The pool is inside and

"Know-it-all," Brian grumbled, his eyes closing in bliss. He grinned up at his
Top, "So I guess we'd better get up, and see if we can find some new togs." The
two men were in bed, having taken one look out of the window and decided all
plans were off.

Adam firmly closed the laptop on Brian's fingers. "Hey that hurt," the younger
man's protest was cut off as Adam kissed him. It was lucky the laptop has
somewhere soft to land, as the two men forgot about everything except each
other, for the rest of the day.