Two Drabbles and a Snippet

The Bruise

Adam and Brian

Written by Jo.

My contrib to a LS challenge, although I believe it is somewhat left of centre.

"I've got a bruised butt and it's your fault," Brian glared at Adam.

Adam raised an eyebrow as he managed to hide a grin. "How is it my fault?" heasked, mildly.

"When Sonny said he was one short on his paintball team you should have forbidden me from participating. You're supposed to protect myself from myself."

"There was no way, I could anticipate that when you ducked down, your cute backside would still be sticking out," Adam pointed out, reasonably.

"It's not fair," Brian complained, "It means we can't play spanking games for at least a week until the bruise is healed."

Adam's grin was wicked. "I'm sure I can work around the bruise."

An hour later Adam rolled over and looked into his lover's sleepy eyes. "How's the bruise?" He asked with a grin.

"Bruise? What bruise?" Brian mumbled.

The End


Red Nose

Adam and Brian

Written by Jo

"Can you believe I was sent home to get an appropriate tie?" Brian's voice rose an octave. It was the first time he'd stopped to take a breath, in a five minute tirade when Adam had asked how his day went. "On my own time," Brian continued. "It's bloody Christmas what's wrong with a Rudolph flashing tie?"

Adam choked slightly "It may be what Rudolph's flashing, sweetheart. I know in the story he's got a red nose not a red butt."

The End



Brian and Eric

Written by Jo

Eric and Brian just looked at each other. Adam had gone out to get some bread and milk so they were alone in the house. "You're not my Top you know?” Brian was the first to speak. Eric just raised an eyebrow in question. “Don't do that,” Brian snapped “It's exactly what Adam does and it's fucking

“No I'm not your Top,” Eric said calmly “Because if I was you'd be over my knee using language
like that.”

Brian had the grace to look embarrassed.

“Neither am I Adam's Top any longer,” Eric continued “What I hope we are is friends.”

Brian looked surprised.

“Why are you surprised?” Eric was curious. “Is it so hard to imagine us being friends? You're
my best friend's partner and I do like you, you know?”

“Friends?” Brian grinned. “Yeah friends sounds great.”

It was at that moment Adam arrived home as he was puzzled but extremely pleased when he
saw Brian and Eric exchanging high fives.

The End

Royal Purple

OC's: Eric and Sonny

A tear ran down his face from the impossibly green eyes. He was sick of
the white wall he was staring at. He had wondered at the begining what
had happened to the feature wall of red he had planned back when he'd
moved in with his lover; his Top, who at the moment was at the big desk
writing something. He could hear the fountain pen as it moved across the
paper. He gulped as the noise stopped and he heard a drawer being opened. A second tear tracked down as he heard the deep voice.

"Sonny, would you like to explain why when I came home the kitchen had
suddenly turned pink? I thought your desire to be an interior decorator
finished when you painted a feature wall, of royal purple, in the living room."