The Collar

Eric and Sonny.
 BDSM. This is not for the faint of heart.
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Sonny was happy. He’d been on a BDSM relationship for almost a year now, and couldn’t quite believe he was kneeling next to Eric’s chair stark naked, with a freshly spanked butt.  He hadn’t done anything wrong, Eric had just decided that his butt was too white and remedied the situation with a brisk over the knee spanking. The basis of the relationship had changed, they no longer identified as Top and Brat, and they were a Master and his slave. Sonny still worked at the garage as a mechanic during the day, but once he returned home he stripped and submitted totally to Eric. They were active in the local fetish scene, and went to the monthly Beat and Greet where they usually played. Eric was expert with a multi tailed flogger he’d purchased from Sugar Tits. Sonny usually left the meet flying high.

Sonny had mentioned building a dungeon at home, but Eric has raised an eyebrow. “I don’t need a dungeon to make you fly,” he stated. Then proved his statement several time over the next month, until the next Beat and Greet. People still talked about the scene played out that night.

They soft pedaled their relationship outside the scene, especially around Brian who just didn’t understand and didn’t try too. Adam was much more laid back about it, after having a long discussion with Eric at the beginning. One day early on the couples got together, Brian and Sonny ended up trading insults.

Sonny was trying to explain to Brian how it worked and explained he had a safe word he could use if things got too intense. He didn’t mention his safe word was “Brian.”

“You mean you have an out when you get spanked?” Brian said incredulously, “and I thought Eric was a strong Top.”

“He’s not a Top,” Sonny spat finally losing his cool, “He’s my Master. Plus it’s not an out I’d never use it when he spanks me. I like a nice, warm, burn …”

“Nuts,” Brian muttered interrupting, “You’re nuts there’s nothing nice about a freshly spanked butt.”

“Oh come on,” Sonny retorted, “Are you saying Adam doesn’t use erotic spankings.”

Brian blushed “That’s different, Eric leaves bruises I’ve seen them,” he stated.

“Only if I ask nicely,” was Sonny’s calm reply.

Sonny just gave Brian a mocking look, “and that’s another thing, groveling at his feet starkers, being beaten and fucked at his whim.’ Brian struck back, “That’s just weird.”

“Nope that’s hot.”

It was at that stage that the fight evolved into name calling.

Neither Adam nor Eric were too impressed, and both Brain and Sonny paid a penalty. Although for Sonny the punishment strapping he got was for letting his Master down in public, not for the actual fight.

Sonny was crying, even before the strap landed the first time. He hated that he’d let down his Master. He tried to take the strapping in silence thinking that would please Eric. Eric made sure that his slave couldn’t stay silent. The first stroke went straight across the middle of the butt, the second at the lowest part of Sonny’s bottom and the third at the top. Then the Master filled the white areas until they were bright red. At this stage Sonny was crying out in real pain. The punishment only finished after Eric reclaimed his slave, in the most primal way. After that Eric cared for his slave, and allowed him to come the next morning.

It was after this, that by mutual decision, Brian and Sonny decided that life was too short to argue, and their relationship got back on track.

It was a month later and the previous weekend the Master and his slave had attended Adam and Brian’s wedding. It had been a wonderful affair, and Sonny had decorated the car they’d driven away in. Lots of shaving cream and old boots had been employed, and Eric on reflection, had decided that it was a harmless price of fun, although he was somewhat put out when he discovered one of the pairs of shoes had been his favourite pair of comfortable sneakers. Sonny had been unrepentant, and took the spanking that ensued calmly. Ever since the wedding Eric had been thinking furiously, he was gently carding his hand through his slave’s flaming red hair, when he spoke. “Sonny we need to have a talk.”

The use of his first name jerked Sonny out of his post spanking daze.  He looked up curiosity sparking in his green eyes. “What about?” he asked, and then after a seconds thought added, “Master.”

“Do you want to get married?” Eric asked curiously.

“Hell, no,” Sonny answered immediately, “Are you asking?” he inquired, so perturbed he totally forgot to use Eric’s honorific.

“No,” Eric replied calmly, “I just know you threw yourself into helping with Adam and Brian’s wedding and wanted to know how you felt.”

“We’re not Adam and Brian,” Sonny said, he had a talent for stating the obvious. “We’re a Master and his slave and we don’t need wedding rings to show our commitment.” After saying this he caught himself, and lamely added, “Master.”

Eric growled slightly, which made Sonny shift uncomfortably.  “Master, you just startled me,” he said hurriedly. Eric wasn’t anal about the use of the word Master, but he did insist it wasn’t used as an afterthought. He lowered his head and felt Eric move. He tensed slightly half expecting to be pulled over Eric’s lap. When Eric returned he had something in his hand.

“Sit up,” he ordered his slave. When Sonny had raised his head Eric held up what he was holding. It was a delicate, silver collar with a small padlock attached. Sonny gasped in wonder, he looked up his eyes shining.

“Sonny,” Eric said “I’m not into big speeches, but I just need to ask you one thing. Will you wear my collar?”

Sonny had almost resigned himself to never having a proper collar. He wore leather one to the Beat and Greets, but that was only to signify he was taken, like the collar in San Francisco had been. This was different,  it was obvious it was custom made. and not a play collar, but one that he could easily wear to work.

“Eric,” Sonny took a cue from Eric’s use of his name, “I’d love to wear your collar, and be yours forever.”

Sonny closed his eyes as Eric placed the collar around his neck and clicked the padlock shut. Then Eric threaded the padlock key on a chain he produced and put it on. His eyes twinkled “Slave let’s go upstairs and celebrate.”

So they did several times

Picnic Down Under

Brian lit the last candle, looked around and smiled. Everything was perfect.

It was negative 1 degree outside, but thanks to the heat pump in the living room, inside it was a balmy
20 degrees.

Brian laid out the food, bacon and egg pie and chocolate sauce onto the picnic blanket that looked strangely out of place in the living room.

"Adam," he called, "Dinner is served."

Adam came through and smiled. His lover was sitting on a picnic blanket bathed in candlelight naked as the day he was born.

"Dessert first," Brian said holding up the chocolate sauce. "Pie later."

Red Ass

 With Eric and Sonny

"Brian doesn't understand," Sonny said sadly. He was sitting on the floor leaning against Eric's legs. Eric ran his hand through his boy's flame red hair.

"Did you expect him too?" he asked calmly.

"I thought at least he'd be open minded about it," was the muffled reply, "After all he and Adam aren't exactly vanilla."

Eric chuckled, "But Adam doesn't have Brian sitting at his feet, naked as the day he was born."

Sonny blushed, all over. "I like it," he replied, "You are my Dom, I am your sub. You have all rights to my body."

Eric's smile was pure evil, not that Sonny could see it. "In that case boys it's about time I put some colour on that ass of yours."

Sonny yipped as he found himself flipped over Eric's lap. It was a totally different dynamic to the DP they had been in before. Sonny still got punishment spankings, but not for behavior modification. It was much more Eric pointing out that his behavior did not reflect well on his Dom. The ass reddening happened whenever Eric felt his sub needed settling. Focusing on a smarting freshly spanked bottom had a remarkably calming effect on his boy. Besides Eric liked some colour on his sub. The erotic spankings happened most nights. Eric had perfected that skill way before they'd agreed to their latest arrangement.

The first swat landed, Sonny shuddered at the sting, the second landed, softer this time. Eric settled into a rhythm, and steadily built up the colour on Sonny's ass. A strange thing happened as the spanking continued Sonny's body relaxed and he slipped into subspace.

Eric didn't finish until he was satisfied that the deep red covered the entire bottom over his lap. Sonny had been moaning in pleasure for the last five minutes. "Kneel boy," Eric ordered and Sonny rolled off his lap and got into the required position. Eric shifted until he could look deeply into Sonny's eyes. There was an almost dreamy look, but his eyes had turned to a deep emerald green, which was a clear indication that Sonny was turned on. As if his hard cock wasn't enough evidence of that.

Eric kept Sonny in position until he saw the dreamy look leave his sub's eyes. "Back with us boy?" he asked, as Sonny started to display distinct sighs of discomfort. In fact for a moment Sonny wondered if Eric had actually set fire to his butt. Eric was merciful after Sonny nodded his head. "Display," he ordered, and once Sonny was in position he unzipped his trousers, lubed up his hard cock and entered Sonny. It was an ultimate claiming, "You may come," he whispered into Sonny's ear and his sub came with a cry. Eric drove in two or three more times and came hard.

As he pulled out, Eric heard a sleepy voice say. "I love you Master."

The Dark Side

 With Eric/Sonny

"I wish Brian was coming with us Sonny" said to Eric as they checked in at Wellington Airport. Eric just grunted, he'd heard it ever since they'd bought their tickets for San Francisco.

"You want your brother on our honeymoon?" he asked and saw Sonny colour. His Brat was so cute when he blushed.

"Can we join the mile high club?" Sonny inquired in anything but a quiet voice. The woman checking them in, was also checking Eric out, blushed the same colour Sonny had been earlier. Sonny just grinned evilly at her. "Mine," he mouthed as Eric's hand landed on his shoulder heavily.

"Behave," he breathed into Sonny's ear, "I'd hate for you to spend the trip on a freshly paddled butt."

"Yes sir," Sonny replied.

The trip was long and boring. Sonny was sad that the toilets were way too small to have sex in. In fact after checking them out, he declared they were barely big enough to do his business in. They arrived at LAX and drove along the coastal highway to San Francisco.

Eric and Sonny spent the week following a list of sightseeing a friend had given them. The friend lived in San Jose but as soon as she knew they were making the trip she'd sent the list. It was during this week that the two men started to experiment with a new aspect of their relationship. Sonny had read a lot of fiction around D/S relationships and had cautiously introduced the subject to Eric.
"When we first got together you said you wanted a relationship like Adam and Brian," Eric pointed out, "So that's what I've been giving you. After Adam and I broke it off I went deeper into the lifestyle. Played a little darker, learnt a little. I am willing to take you into a darker world; it's up to you if you really want to do this."

Sonny bit his lip. "I want to try it," his voice was determined, "I trust you."

Eric smile was feral, "You know I'll expect absolute obedience at all times or you'll pay the penalty. The penalty will be with a belt, as you have issues around canes. You will spend a lot of time on your knees, clothes will be at my discretion, and I will use you when and where I want."

Sonny shivered his eyes going wide. He licked his lips and nodded "Yes sir," he said.

"What's your safe word," Eric asked, "You need to use it if this gets too intense for you. You use it and I will stop and we will discuss things." He saw Sonny open his mouth, "This is not negotiable," he snapped.

Sonny tilted his head to one side, "Brian," he said, "Brian is my safe word."

Eric burst out laughing, "Well I guess in the past Brian protected you so I guess it's appropriate."

Now after a week Sonny was wondering if he was slightly insane. He'd spent almost every minute in their suite naked, had a new appreciation for the belt as a teaching implement, had learnt sex with a well punished butt could be spine tingling good and he loved being put into submission by his Dom. When he knelt there Eric would card his hand through Sonny's red hair. Sonny found it easier to drop into a calm headspace in this position. He was struggling slightly in other areas; he had an insistent, irritating voice that sounded remarkably like Brian chanting, "Slave boy, you're fucking insane."

"Up," Eric said and tossed Sonny some clothes. Sonny gasped as he checked them out butter soft leather trousers and a green silk shirt that matched his eyes.

He looked up. "Sir, these are clubbing clothes," he said, as he looked up. Then he lost the power of speech. Eric stood there in dressed in black, leather trousers, shirt, boots that covered his calf and a trench coat made out of leather. He looked hot.

"We're going to a club I've heard about called The Milestone," Eric said, "Move it unless you'd like to visit there with fresh strap marks." Sonny hurried he had enough marks that made sitting a distant memory already. He didn't want more. He was looking forward to another erotic spanking like the one he'd received the night before, when Eric had finally given his permission to cum he'd exploded until all he saw was stars. When he was dressed Eric approached him with a collar in his hand. Let's make sure everyone knows you're taken," he said. "When we get home, if we continue this, I'll officially collar you with something slightly less obvious he promised, "For now this will have to do," he buckled the collar securely around Sonny's neck.